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David Iancu and his staff are top notch professionals. I would recommend David Iancu to anyone who is going through a divorce.
Harmony R.
David is a great listener and very sharp. Most of all, he knows the law and examines every opportunity to defend his client.
Talyia C.
I can't say enough about David's attentive demeanor through the highs and lows associated with complex divorce issues.
Laurence S.
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Family Law Attorneys in Milwaukee

When you’re facing a divorce, separation, or custody battle, you’re facing an emotional and difficult time for yourself and for your family. Even when you and your spouse are on the same page, a divorce is never easy. You’re in an emotional place, and you’re struggling to get the fair treatment you need for yourself and your children. It can be exhausting, and if you’re fighting back alone, your case may not end fairly.

Our lawyers at Karp & Iancu understand how difficult a divorce or even a separation can be, and we’ll help you get the fair treatment you deserve.

Common Family Law Cases

  • Divorce – A divorce can be a difficult and exhausting time for all parties involved. We are here to guide you through this process. Questions on how to file? Click here to read a guide outlining how the divorce process in Wisconsin works, book a free and confidential consultation with us by filling out our simple contact form or give us a call.
  • Child Custody & Visitation – When you are seeking out a divorce, you and your spouse may not be the only ones affected by the proceedings. Child custody disputes can be complicated and mentally taxing, but when you choose the right attorney, you can lean on their knowledge and expertise.
  • Child Support – When you’re a parent going through a divorce, your first concern is likely your children. Our lawyers are experts in guiding clients through the options available. We understand your top priority is making sure your children are taken care of.
  • Maintenance & Alimony – A divorce isn’t always equal at the start. You may not have the earning capacity, which means you may be seeking alimony. We will help you fight back for the support you need.
  • Division of Property and Assets – When you’re facing a division of marital property, it can be tough to be sure you’ll get a fair part of the assets. We provide consultations to help you determine your assets’ worth and work to get a fair split.
  • Paternity – We understand how frustrating questions about paternity can be. We are here to help you through the paternity testing process.
  • Relocation – Do you have questions about where you can relocate your children in the state of Wisconsin? We can help you understand the laws surrounding relocating a child.
  • Legal Separation – There are many steps involved in divorcing a spouse, including separation of property and making decisions for your children.
  • Military Divorce – Our lawyers understand how difficult it can be to seek a military divorce so we’ve been helping clients navigate the complex Wisconsin laws for decades.

What’s Next?

Dealing with a family dispute can be tough, whether that’s a separation or divorce, and it can be even worse when things have gotten violent. It can be confusing and complex, and it can feel like you’re not getting the help and attention you need during this difficult time.

Our attorneys can help you get the property you deserve and the best situation for your children. Your rights should be protected, and we can make sure that those rights are respected.

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Reach out to us today by giving us a call or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to set up a free, one-hour consultation with one of our family law attorneys.

2. Learn more about our award-winning attorneys

When evaluating and deciding on the right family law attorney in the Greater Milwaukee Area, it’s important to find one who is transparent, compassionate, and knowledgeable; traits that all of our attorneys value

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Learn More About Our Award Winning Attorneys

      1. 1. Attorney David N. Iancu

        Attorney David Karp

        Clients often come to David with complex family law and divorce cases and walk away with understanding, results, and a clear path forward. Endorsed by many of his colleagues and past clients, you won’t find an attorney more knowledgeable in Wisconsin divorce law, nor one who educates and advocates for their clients more.

        View Attorney Iancu’s full bio and awards.

        Give David a call to schedule a free divorce or family law consultation in Milwaukee: (414) 485-0191

      2. 2. Attorney David B. Karp

        Attorney David Karp

        With hundreds of successfully tried family law cases with fair outcomes, attorney David B. Karp’s clients get a partner who is highly strategic, experienced and fair. While his practice is founded on knowledge, strategy and professionalism, David’s knack for the courtroom is what really sets him apart.

        View Attorney Karp’s full bio and awards.

        Give him a call to meet for a free divorce or family law consultation in Milwaukee : (414) 485-0191

      3. 3. Attorney Lindsey M. White

        You’d never guess attorney Lindsey M. White represents multiple clients at a time. Her practice is strongly rooted in thoroughness, trust, compassion and professionalism. Lindsey is a true expert in Wisconsin child custody and divorce law.

        View Attorney White’s full bio and awards.

        Give Lindsey a call to schedule a free divorce or child custody consultation in Milwaukee: (414) 485-0191

      4. 4. Attorney Anna E. Rinehart

        Anna E. Rinehart

        Attorney Rinehart is an expert in representing her clients in divorce and family law cases; especially ones rooted in financial and custody disputes.

        View Attorney Rinehart’s full bio and awards.

        Schedule a free divorce consultation in Milwaukee with Anna: (414) 485-0191

      5. 5. Attorney Michael D. Karp

        Attorney Michael Karp

        Attorney Michael Karp is a highly accomplished negotiator. Michael has a deep understanding of the complications of finances and assets during separations and divorces. This understanding, combined with a mastery in the art of negotiation, translates into one of the best strategic partners you’ll find in Milwaukee.

        View Attorney Karp’s full bio and awards.

        Schedule a free divorce or personal injury consultation with Michael: (414) 485-0191

      6. 6. Attorney Daniel L. Lambert

        Attorney Daniel Lambert

        Since 2004, Daniel Lambert has been a highly sought-after attorney for clients facing divorce, child custody, and other complex financial family law cases in Southeastern Wisconsin.

        View Attorney Lambert’s full bio and awards.

        Schedule a free divorce consultation with Daniel: (414) 485-0191

      7. 7. Attorney Lauren L. Otte

        Attorney Lauren Otte

        Serving family law and divorce clients in Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, Ozaukee County and throughout Wisconsin, Attorney Lauren L. Otte specializes in all aspects of Wisconsin divorce law.

        View Attorney Otte’s full bio and awards.

        Schedule a free divorce consultation with Lauren: (414) 485-0191

      8. 8. Attorney Lisa A. Martin

        Attorney Lisa A. Martin

        Attorney Martin brings 20+ years of experience to our firm, and has developed a niche in dealing with complex divorce and family law situations involving business division, large estate division, mental health issues, family violence, tax and other issues affecting families.

        View Attorney Martin’s full bio and awards.

        Schedule a free divorce consultation with Lisa: (414) 485-0191

      9. 9. Attorney Maureen K. Black

        Attorney Maureen Black

        Attorney Maureen Black brings experience and a unique perspective to help her clients in their times of need. She is responsive, creative and highly skilled in the courtroom and at the negotiation table. Maureen is also is a highly accomplished negotiator.

        View Attorney Black’s full bio and awards.

        Schedule a free divorce consultation with Maureen: (414) 485-0191

      10. 10. Attorney Kelly M. Dodd

        Attorney Kelly Dodd

        Attorney Kelly Dodd brings compassion, experience, and willingness to educate her clientelle on the ins and outs of what to expect during each case. She is recognized accross the state for her family mediation services.

        View Attorney Dodd’s full bio and awards.

        Give Kelly a call to schedule a free divorce or family law consultation in Milwaukee: (414) 485-0191

      11. 11. Attorney Kathryn E. Potratz

        Attorney Kathryn E. Potratz

        Attorney Potratz is highly responsive, smart, and possesses great attention to detail. She has a passion for cases involving custody and physical placement, and will fight hard for your rights as a parent, while remaining respect and civil in the process.

        View Attorney Potratz’s full bio and awards.

        Give Kathryn a call to schedule a free divorce or family law consultation in Milwaukee: (414) 485-0191

      12. 12. Lisa M. Moore

        Attorney Lisa M. Moore

        Attorney Lisa Moore is a highly experienced divorce, family law, guardianship and criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Moore is a highly skilled trial lawyer and negotiator known for her unwavering advocacy of her clients and outstanding results in the courtroom.

        View Attorney Moore’s full bio and awards.

        Give Lisa a call to schedule a free divorce or family law consultation in Milwaukee: (414) 485-0191

      13. 13. Attorney Suzanne Fischer Lorenz

        Attorney Suzanne Fischer Lorenz

        Attorney Lorenz is unique among Wisconsin family lawyers in that she has the ability to work through both low-conflict family law matters as a certified family law mediator and collaborative practitioner, while also being a tireless and highly respected advocate in contested divorce and family law cases.

        View Attorney Lorenz’s full bio and awards.

        Give Suzanne a call to schedule a free divorce or family law consultation in Milwaukee: (414) 485-0191

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