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While the divorce rate has been gradually decreasing across the country and in Wisconsin, data indicates that there are still many couples opting to dissolve the marital relationship. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the divorce rate per 1,000 total population is 2.3 at the national level and 2.0 in Wisconsin. However, a look at the statistics does not reveal the emotional turmoil and complexities that often accompany divorce cases. Even when spouses get along, there can be disputes that stand in the way of an amicable resolution. When the parties are at extreme odds on divorce issues, the proceedings can be overwhelming and exhausting.

You have important financial and parental rights in a Wisconsin divorce case, so it is critical to get skilled legal help with protecting them. Our family law team at Karp & Iancu, S.C. has decades of combined experience fighting for parties obtain a fair outcome, so you can count on us to provide compassionate, knowledgeable legal services. Please contact our firm today to set up a consultation. One of our Fox Point divorce attorneys can offer specific advice, but you might find it useful to review some basics of Wisconsin law.

Key Issues in Divorce: While every case is different, there are three main areas that spouses will address through divorce proceedings.

  1. Division of Property: Wisconsin is one of just a few US states that follows the law of community property in divorce. The analysis starts by assessing what assets were acquired by the couple during the marriage, which would be considered community property. Items owned by each party before the wedding date are separate and belong to the individual. All community property must be divided equally in the divorce process.
  2. Alimony: When divorce will result in a significant financial discrepancy between the parties, the lower earning spouse can request spousal support. If appropriate, a judge will consider several statutory factors to determine the type, amount, and duration.
  3. Care for Minor Children: The rights and responsibilities of parents do not terminate with divorce, so child custody, visitation, and child support will be a focal point in a divorce case. The laws prefer an arrangement where parents share in raising the child, so joint custody is common. When making decisions on custody, support and relocation, the court must consider the child’s best interests.

Types of Divorce

Because every divorce case is different, your approach to the process should align with your goals, needs, and many other personal factors. Our firm is ready to serve you with different types of divorce, such as:

  • Uncontested: These are cases where the parties agree on key divorce issues and include all essential terms in a written, legally binding agreement. The document becomes part of the court order when the final decree is entered.
  • Mediation: This process aims to settle divorce disputes through guidance from a mediator who is specially trained to facilitate productive conversation between the parties. You can agree to medication, but it will likely be ordered by the court. The outcome is not binding, and you can still take disputes to court.
  • Collaborative Divorce: Through this process, the parties address issues out of court, with advice from legal counsel. The proceeding takes place over multiple sessions of settlement conferences and negotiations. Lawyers must be certified to handle collaborative divorce, and the parties must release their attorneys if the discussions break down and it becomes necessary to go to court.
  • Contested Hearings: This type of divorce is essentially a trial over all remaining disputes. The proceeding encompasses the familiar aspects of litigation that you probably recognize, such as the presentation of evidence, witness testimony, and legal arguments.

Timeline of a Wisconsin Divorce Case

The process starts when one spouse files a petition for divorce, which states the essential facts supporting an end to the marriage and requests the court to enter an order dissolving it. Wisconsin is a no-fault state for purposes of divorce, so you do not need to provide specific grounds. A statement that the marriage is irretrievably broken is sufficient. Note that there is minimal benefit to filing first. The state divorce laws described above govern property division, alimony, and child custody, visitation, and support – not who wins the race to the courthouse.

After filing the petition and serving necessary documents upon the other spouse, a divorce case generally proceeds as follows:

  • Exchanging financial disclosures;
  • Discussing potential settlement on property, alimony, and issues related to minor children;
  • Mediation to address outstanding disputes; and
  • A contested hearing on issues not already resolved by the parties.

Legal Help with Divorce Proceedings

Our Fox Point divorce lawyers at Karp & Iancu, S.C. are committed to guiding clients through all stages of the divorce process, so we can advise you even as you are considering options and preparing for the case. You can also count on our firm to:

  • Draft the divorce petition or your response to paperwork served upon you;
  • Help gather information for financial disclosures;
  • Protect you from your spouse, if needed, with restraining orders;
  • Consult with you on collaborative divorce where appropriate;
  • Engage in negotiations to settle property division, spousal maintenance, paternity, and care for children by agreement;
  • Advocate on your behalf during mediation; and,
  • Appear at all court hearings related to the divorce case.

If your divorce case will go to a contested hearing, our lawyers have extensive trial advocacy skills to ensure the best possible outcome. We will develop opening and closing arguments, introduce important evidence to support your position, present and cross-examine witnesses, and handle all other litigation tasks. Our firm also has extensive experience with divorce appeals and can help you through that process.

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Rami – in Fox Point

“Attorney Iancu is an amazing lawyer. He advocated for me tirelessly and I truly felt that he always got my back. It was a difficult and complicated case but I got the outcome I wanted at the end.”

Mitchell – in Fox Point

“Highly experienced, very professional, practical and honest attorneys. David Iancu is an excellent family practice attorney who truly has his client’s best interest as his focus. Highly recommend this law firm.”

Lissa – in Fox Point

“David and his staff are top notch lawyers! I always felt like he had my back and did all that he could to make me comfortable through this process.”

Johana – in Fox Point

“Attorney Lauren Otte and David Iancu did a great job at handling my case. Despite the holiday and the fact that the court case was within a week and a half of meeting with them they were very efficient. They were exceptional at answering all of my questions and I felt as though they were very dedicated and truly cared about me as a person vs just another case. I will definitely be back if I ever need anymore legal advice or help. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need!”

Savannah – in Fox Point

“When I was searching for a divorce attorney, I stumbled upon Karp & Iancu. I submitted a request for more information and I received a response less than 24hrs of the request! My first encounter, everyone was very welcoming and personable. Anna Rinehart was my attorney and she was the absolute best! Any issues or questions I had, she answered them immediately. She always had suggestions and gave me many options and explained things to me thoroughly. She kept in contact with me regularly and made the divorce process as smooth as possible. I highly recommend Karp & Iancu and Anna Rinehart!”

Kendra – in Fox Point

“Lisa is an AMAZING attorney! She is so smart and knows exactly what to do! She is responsive and helpful whenever I have questions and is always able to help. She made the whole court process easier and I felt very confident with her on my side! Would highly recommend her!”

Julia – in Fox Point

“…David [Iancu] and his team brought [a] successful conclusion to the custody dispute and financial settlement within 120 days…My only regret was not being referred to him sooner.”

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Wisconsin's family court system is complex and inefficient; that's why we've spent over 30 years developing ways to make it easier on you. Karp & Iancu's attorneys in Madison specialize in all facets of divorce and family law, including:

Property & Assets

When you’re facing a division of marital property, it can be tough to ensure you’ll get a fair share of the assets. We’ll work with you to determine what is and is not part of the marital estate and will help you claim what is rightfully yours.

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Child Custody & Visitation

Learn whether sole custody or joint custody is best for your children and find a visitation schedule that will work for your family.

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Child Support

When you’re a parent going through a divorce, your first concern is likely your children. Our lawyers are experts in guiding clients through the options available. We understand your top priority is making sure your children are taken care of.

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Divorce is difficult & exhausting, but it's not devastating or complicated with the right attorneys on your side.

Our Approach to Divorce

Family Law

Explore all of our divorce packages; each is designed to address your specific legal needs.

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Alimony & Maintenance

Marriage isn’t always equal—and neither is divorce. You may have made unequal caretaking or financial contributions to the family. We will help you fight to make sure those contributions are acknowledged and compensated.

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Whether paternity is established by acknowledgement or only after genetic tests, we are here to help you through the process from start to finish.

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Legal Separation

An alternative to divorce that still allows you to define your rights to your children and finances while claiming your independence.

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Military Divorce

We've been helping clients navigate the complex Wisconsin military divorce laws for decades.

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This information about divorce laws and concepts is helpful as an overview, but it takes in-depth knowledge and extensive legal experience to ensure protection of your rights. At Karp & Iancu, S.C., divorce and family law are our core practice areas. We are prepared to help you achieve your goals, so please contact us to schedule a no-cost consultation with a Wisconsin divorce lawyer. You can reach our Fox Point offices by calling (414) 453-0800 or visiting us online.

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