Learn why Karp & Iancu is consistently rated as a top family and divorce law firm in Wisconsin.
Aubrey – in Milwaukee

“David Karp and all the staff are great to work with and true professionals. David was very knowledgeable and helped put me at ease during very stressful times…”

C. N. – in Milwaukee

At the time, I was scared and confused and needed someone to look out for me. I always knew where we were in the process and what was coming next. Thanks to her I was never surprised or caught off guard by any unforeseen development. Lisa is professional, thorough and tough while also being patient and sympathetic. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. I recommend Lisa to everyone who ends up in a similar situation to mine.

Elisa – in Milwaukee

“It is very difficult when you are an attorney, and you need to hire an attorney to represent you –especially when it is a divorce. I found myself in that situation 5 months ago, and after talking with several attorneys, I realized Attorney David Karp was the attorney I needed to represent my interests. Attorney Karp took the time to listen to me and to understand what my intent and goals were in completing the divorce as efficiently and quickly as possible. He made sure I understood each step of the process as well as making sure I understood the final documents well in advance of the final hearing. If you need an attorney who will represent you while making sure you understand your options, I strongly advise you to retain Attorney Karp.”

H – in Milwaukee

“From the first day, I called Lisa, she was friendly, professional, and down to earth! She was very responsive in answering questions and explaining what was happening in my divorce case and even after my case was finalized. Lisa is open and honest about all sides of what is happening. I will continuously recommend, Lisa Moore, to everyone.”

Hyde – in Milwaukee

“Excellent personal service off-hours. Made it a point to make time to talk to me, provided high level legal guidance, and all without the pressure of immediate compensation.”

Jessica – in Milwaukee

“Attorney Lindsey White has been representing me since back in 2016. I have never hesitated to reach out to her when I felt most unsure about my child custody issues. She as always can pick up where we always have left off.”

Julia – in Fox Point

“…David [Iancu] and his team brought [a] successful conclusion to the custody dispute and financial settlement within 120 days…My only regret was not being referred to him sooner.”


“Lindsey White has a strong knowledge of the current laws for child custody and support issues. She made sure she understood the unique needs of my case and was well prepared for the court hearing. I also appreciated that she had a strong legal team to bounce ideas off of when facing difficult problems and other lawyers were able to step in when schedules conflicted so the case wasn’t unnecessarily prolonged.”

Lissa – in Fox Point

“David and his staff are top notch lawyers! I always felt like he had my back and did all that he could to make me comfortable through this process.”

M – in Milwaukee

“My attorney, Lisa Moore, was beyond professional. Every meeting was succinct, well prepared and conducted with my best interests. Divorce is hard- Lisa understood when to hold your hand and be compassionate and to give clear, insightful practical advice. I would highly recommend Lisa Moore and her firm.”

Mitchell – in Fox Point

“Highly experienced, very professional, practical and honest attorneys. David Iancu is an excellent family practice attorney who truly has his client’s best interest as his focus. Highly recommend this law firm.”

Rami – in Fox Point

“Attorney Iancu is an amazing lawyer. He advocated for me tirelessly and I truly felt that he always got my back. It was a difficult and complicated case but I got the outcome I wanted at the end.”


“We hired David to work on a case that was filed in Wisconsin and we now live in Texas. We have been able to do everything via email and telephone to get this case resolved. David has been nothing short of excellent! He is a great listener and very sharp! Most of all he knows the law and examines every opportunity to defend his client! He helped us WIN our case!”


“…Believe me, I say this from the bottom of my heart. My entire family is extremely thankful for everything [Karp & Iancu] has done to resolve a 6 year court battle in less than 1 month. They simply are the BEST!”

William – in Milwaukee

“Since 2013 I have struggled to find an attorney/law firm that was willing to stand up for my family’s best interests. After numerous attorney’s and an unbelievable amount of money, I found Karp & Iancu.”

Alec – in Brookfield

“If you are looking for a family lawyer, I would highly recommend David Iancu and his team. David is a dedicated professional who listens, cares, prepares thoroughly and executes effectively on behalf of his clients. From the very first meeting, David took time to really understand my situation, answered all questions related to family law, and made me feel comfortable by not telling me what I wanted to hear but truth. David genuinely cared about helping me bring my case to the best outcome possible. I am glad I had David on my side as a true partner during a challenging time in my life!”

Alexandro – in Wauwatosa

“I’m so glad that I chose this firm for my divorce. Attorney Rinehart’s professionalism
attentiveness, and experience made me feel at ease and confident. I’m extremely satisfied with my overall experience both from a financial standpoint as well as for what they were able to accomplish for me. The reviews speak for themselves! Go with this firm because they will take care of you.”

Amber – in Wauwatosa

“I would highly recommend Attorney White and her team for your family law issues. Very pleased I selected this firm!”

Angela – Appleton

“Karp & Iancu’s team of lawyers were very generous and sponsored our charity bike ride event. They’re genuine people and great attorneys. You can’t go wrong hiring them!”

Ben – In Milwaukee

Shannon did an amazing job on my divorce case. She is very caring, hard working, timely and professional! She also is an amazing advocate! Shannon is also well respected amongst her peers and for good reason.

Brian – in Brookfield

“I had checked around, and Dave has a good reputation among members of the the legal community in whom I trust. I found him to be aggressive, fair, straightforward, honest and responsive. Recommended.”

Bryan – in Madison

“Was very pleased to have Lisa Martin represent me in family law. She has the experience and the knowledge to guide throughout and made me feel extremely comfortable.”

Catherine – In Milwaukee

Making the decision to end any marriage, especially a long-term one, is daunting. From pre-filing consultations to a caring phone call on the morning of finalization, Shannon dedicated herself to making sure I knew what to expect every step of the way.

Charles – in Kenosha

“Navigating the process of a divorce is a daunting challenge as most people have never been in this type of life-changing situation. Fortunately for me I had Kathryn Potratz assigned to my case. From the beginning she was extremely organized and did an excellent job laying out a road map showing how the process was going to work and what each step entailed.”

Cheski – in Wauwatosa

“As a community rabbi I am very familiar with the challenges and the stresses that a divorce will put on a family. There is no law firm that I would recommend more to help you navigate this difficult and often painful process. Karp and Iancu, SC will be there for you and your family every step of the way.”

Chris – in Wauwatosa

“Maura B. Falk was extremely helpful helping me thru my case and making me feel comfortable leading up to it. She gathered all the facts and really new what she was doing. I am so happy she was there to help me get thru it.”

Cindy – In Milwaukee

Shannon is the best of the best. She worked very hard to get to know me before coming up with a strategy to best handle my case, and I could not have asked for more effort or dedication from her.

Douglas – in Wauwatosa

“The representation by Karp & Iancu that I received was very helpful to guide me through the difficult passage from marriage to divorce.”

Jeffrey – in Kenosha

“Maura Falk was able to get my ex to settle for an amount of back-due alimony that was almost half what I could reasonably expect a judge would order. Ms. Falk was very professional, easy to work with, and wasted no time in getting to settlement. This also saved me money by avoiding court appeance and other costs. She was a great one to have working on my side!”

Jennifer – in Wauwatosa

“When getting divorced, everyone around you has opinions and advice. Hiring Atty Dan Lambert was hands-down the best decision I made.”