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Dividing up the things that made your house a home can be painful. We’ll bring ease and a fair perspective to the process of classifying and assigning value to community property and separate property so that you don’t have to.

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How assets are divided in a divorce

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We understand going through a divorce is never pleasant, especially when you have property and other assets that need to be divided. If you are struggling with the paperwork and court hearings, reach out to one of our experienced attorneys at Karp & Iancu for help. Our attorneys work with you to determine your assets worth, and help make sure you get a fair split.

We have been working with divorce clients for over 45 years and would be happy to help you move forward with your divorce case.

Equitable Division of Assets

When you’re facing a division of your marital property, it can be tough to be sure you’ll get your fair share of the assets. That’s especially stressful if you have assets given specifically to you. Wisconsin law, however, is typically strict on property division.

When you and your spouse decide to seek a divorce, you’ll typically split your assets evenly. This division structure is meant to keep everything as fair as possible to ensure you and your spouse feel fairly treated. There are few exceptions to this rule.

Sometimes, however, the lack of exceptions can cause trouble. You and your spouse have each come into the relationship with assets and debts, so an equitable distribution may not actually feel fair. That’s why you may need to speak with a local attorney. We can help if you are concerned about your rights to your marital property or personal property, especially when you have high value assets.

Types of Property

Once again, Wisconsin law typically states that all marital assets be presumptively divided equally, and you may feel that that’s not fair. Your spouse may have debts that you weren’t part of and didn’t know about, or you may have been gifted or inherited significant assets on your own.

In these situations, it might not be logical or fair to split everything evenly. Property gained exclusively by one party before the marriage is still presumed marital property, but if the marriage is short-term, for example, the divorce court may refuse to divide those premarital assets evenly. If you believe you have property that may be excluded, including the following assets, speak to a local attorney about your case:

  • Inheritance
  • Gifts given to only one party
  • Property owned before the marriage

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When you’re looking to divorce your spouse, you want the proceedings to be as fair as possible. You want a fair division of property, but you may be concerned about the different types of assets you and your spouse brought into the marriage.

If you’re concerned about division of your marital property, you’ll want to reach out for help from our lawyers at Karp & Iancu. Our attorneys understand the difficult situation you’re in, and we’ll fight to ensure you get a fair portion of your property.

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