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With Karp & Iancu by your side, divorce doesn’t have to be devastating or complicated. What drives us is the fair, honest & compassionate representation our clients need during a divorce. The result is 10,000+ cases represented and a growing stack of awards.

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While divorce may be common, you likely never thought it would happen to you. Dealing with the emotional fall-out and the major changes it brings about in your life can be overwhelming. The family law attorneys at Karp & Iancu, S.C., we are here to help. With over 30 years of experience and having represented clients in 10,000 plus cases, you can count on us to provide the trusted legal representation you deserve.

Our Brookfield divorce attorneys help to ensure your rights are protected in divorce proceedings. We take the legal actions needed in your case, with the goal of getting you the best possible settlement. To request a confidential consultation, contact our office today.

Considering A Divorce In Waukesha County? Get Our Brookfield Divorce Lawyers On Your Side

The state Department of Health Services (DHS) reports that more than 15,000 couples file for divorce in Wisconsin each year. You may have known friends or family who went through the process but it can still come as a shock when it happens to you.

Divorce is more than just about the breakdown of your relationship. It involves potentially complex proceedings that could impact your relationship with children and your rights to money and property for years into the future. To protect yourself, it is important to get our experienced Brookfield divorce attorney on your side.

At Karp & Iancu, S.C. we have created an in-depth guide on filing for divorce in Wisconsin, which can answer some of your questions. In it, you will some of the different types of divorce cases we handle, including:

  • Uncontested divorce, in which both parties have little in the way of property or assets and agree on all terms.
  • DIY divorce, which may be an option in an uncontested divorce. We provide basic guidance and access to the appropriate forms.
  • Contested divorce, which often involves allegations of marital misconduct and fierce arguments over property, assets, or children.
  • Mediated divorce, in which we act as an impartial third party with the goal of helping you reach a settlement.
  • Collaborative divorce, in which attorneys for both sides guide you in reaching settlements and keep your case out of court.
  • Divorce Appeals, experienced lawyers can help you better understand the appeals process.

One of the aspects that makes Karp & Iancu, S.C. an award-winning law firm is our dedication to communicating with our clients and keeping them fully informed. We provide additional details about different divorce types and pricing on our website.

Matters That Must Be Addressed When Getting A Divorce In Brookfield, Wisconsin

Each divorce is as different as the individual couples involved. At the same time, there are some common issues under the Wisconsin Statutes that need to be resolved in any court case before a judge can issue a final divorce order. These include:

Division of Marital Property, Assets, and Debts

Wisconsin is a community property state. This means that all marital property is divided evenly between you and your spouse during divorce proceedings. However, there are some factors that could entitle you to a larger portion in a settlement:

  • The length of your marriage;
  • Any premarital assets either party has;
  • Individual income and earnings;
  • Contributions made by each party in the marriage;
  • Whether one of the spouses squandered assets;
  • Any pre or post-nuptial agreements in place.

In addition to dividing assets, you need a thorough list of all marital debts. If paternity is a potential issue, our Brookfield divorce lawyers can help make sure these are addressed so they do not hinder your divorce recovery.

Spousal Maintenance and Alimony

Alimony payments in Wisconsin allow you to maintain the same standard of living you enjoyed during your marriage and help you recover financially from a divorce. Factors that influence whether you are entitled to alimony in Brookfield divorce proceedings:

  • The amount of time you were married;
  • If you make significantly less than your spouse;
  • If you sacrificed your own career or education to support your spouse or care for children;
  • The amount of marital property and assets awarded.

In addition to alimony after divorce, we can also push for spousal maintenance, which can help protect your financial security during divorce proceedings.

Child Custody and Support

Child custody is typically one of the most sensitive and potentially contentious issues dealt with in Wisconsin divorce proceedings. The term ‘custody’ generally refers to your right to make important legal decisions on your child’s behalf. Placement refers to rights and responsibilities in regard to parenting arrangements. In determining visitation and other important issues, factors the court considers include:

  • The current and prior level of involvement each parent had in the child’s life;
  • Whether each parent has the proven ability to provide for the child;
  • Whether the parties are able to cooperate in implementing parenting arrangements;
  • Problems that could put the child at risk, such as criminal behavior or alcohol and drug abuse;
  • Relocation could also affect relationships and is something that must be discussed.

Parenting arrangements, each parent’s income, and the child’s individual financial needs all factor into determining child support. Once a final order is in place, our Brookfield divorce attorney can help ensure it gets paid.

What To Expect From Our Divorce Attorney In Brookfield

Dealing with a divorce is difficult. Our Brookfield lawyers aims to make the process easier by providing the comprehensive client care and professional legal service you need. Here is what you can expect:

  • A confidential consultation, reviewing details in your case;
  • Trusted legal guidance on state law and how to proceed;
  • A clear explanation of our services and prices;
  • Proper preparation and filing of all legal documents with the Waukesha County Family Court;
  • Skilled representation during negotiations and at divorce-related hearings;
  • Regular status updates and answers to your questions;
  • Dedication to getting the best possible outcome;
  • Enforcement of final divorce orders issued.

When you partner with a divorce attorney at Karp & Iancu, you get:



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Fast, insightful & transparent communication



Complete, fair & empathetic representation

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Alec – in Brookfield

“If you are looking for a family lawyer, I would highly recommend David Iancu and his team. David is a dedicated professional who listens, cares, prepares thoroughly and executes effectively on behalf of his clients. From the very first meeting, David took time to really understand my situation, answered all questions related to family law, and made me feel comfortable by not telling me what I wanted to hear but truth. David genuinely cared about helping me bring my case to the best outcome possible. I am glad I had David on my side as a true partner during a challenging time in my life!”

Brian – in Brookfield

“I had checked around, and Dave has a good reputation among members of the the legal community in whom I trust. I found him to be aggressive, fair, straightforward, honest and responsive. Recommended.”

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Wisconsin's family court system is complex and inefficient; that's why we've spent over 30 years developing ways to make it easier on you. Karp & Iancu's attorneys at our Brookfield office specialize in all facets of divorce and family law, including:

Child Custody & Visitation

Learn whether sole custody or joint custody is best for your children and find a visitation schedule that will work for your family.

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Child Support

When you’re a parent going through a divorce, your first concern is likely your children. Our lawyers are experts in guiding clients through the options available. We understand your top priority is making sure your children are taken care of.

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Divorce is difficult & exhausting, but it's not devastating or complicated with the right attorneys on your side.

Our Approach to Divorce

Family Law

Explore all of our divorce packages; each is designed to address your specific legal needs.

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Alimony & Maintenance

Marriage isn’t always equal—and neither is divorce. You may have made unequal caretaking or financial contributions to the family. We will help you fight to make sure those contributions are acknowledged and compensated.

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Whether paternity is established by acknowledgement or only after genetic tests, we are here to help you through the process from start to finish.

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Legal Separation

An alternative to divorce that still allows you to define your rights to your children and finances while claiming your independence.

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Military Divorce

We've been helping clients navigate the complex Wisconsin military divorce laws for decades.

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