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+ Everything included in DIY Package:

  • Review and file all divorce papers for you.
  • Obtain necessary court dates.
  • Access to an experienced family lawyer.

+ Everything included in the Uncontested Divorce Package:

  • Unlimited access to an experienced family law team.
  • Assistance negotiating any unresolved minor disputes.
  • Strategic review of all financial documents and court papers.


  • Highly skilled negotiator to assist in ongoing negotiating with opposing side.
  • Thorough drafting and review of settlement offers and counter-offers
  • Assistance with obtaining financial, child custody and other experts.
  • Unlimited one-on-one time with dedicated and experienced family lawyer.
  • Lawyer to attend all court hearings.
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How Divorce Can Work

And so while you may start your divorce in a cooperative manner, and we hope that we finish in a cooperative manner, if that doesn’t happen because one of the parties, perhaps, is being unreasonable or for some other reason, you can move straight into the contested process, where necessary.

Both the collaborative and cooperative approach are great for families with children, or for anybody who gets along reasonably well and wants to get through the process in a fair amicable way without a lot of courtroom mudslinging.

If you have more questions about collaborative or cooperative approach, we’d be happy to talk with you about it. It’s a fairly simple process. It does take a little bit longer than a traditional mediated divorce or uncontested divorce, but certainly takes less time than a full-on contested divorce.

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Fixed Price Collaborative & Cooperative Divorce in Wisconsin

There are two divorce processes which are becoming increasingly popular among Wisconsin families. The first is the collaborative approach. The second is the cooperative approach.


In a collaborative divorce, both parties are required to have attorneys who are certified as Wisconsin collaborative divorce lawyers. We have a number of them at our office. In this collaborative approach, both parties and the attorneys will sign a contract saying that we are not going to go to court.

We’re going to resolve all issues outside of the courtroom, in a series of settlement conferences and bringing in outside experts, such as child experts and specialists, and financial experts and specialists, to help resolve all of the outstanding issues in your divorce case. In the event there’s a breakdown in the negotiations, both parties must fire their lawyers, and hire new lawyers to start over on a contested basis.


In a cooperative approach, both parties and their attorneys are trying to resolve all issues outside of court, and there’s a commitment to doing that. However, there is no contract that requires the parties to fire their lawyers and hire new lawyers, in the event there is a breakdown in the negotiations.

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