Wisconsin Divorce Mediation

Starts at $1,799 per spouse

Let’s settle it. No lawyers needed.

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Mediated Divorce Package Details

Case length: FAST

Cost: Starts at $1,799 per spouse

What’s Included?

  • Experienced mediator will draft and file all initial divorce papers.
  • Assistance with financial documents and filing with the court.
  • Settlement conferences (video, phone and in-person)
  • Drafting all settlement agreements
  • Assistance with obtaining court approval of settlement agreements
  • 90%+ settlement success rate!
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What is Divorce Mediation?

You and your spouse may have decided that hiring your own separate lawyers to handle a divorce case is not what’s best for you and your family. In that case, consider mediation as a great option to keep costs down and remain amicable after a divorce. How it works is you contact our law firm and we’ll set you up with a neutral family law mediator who will help you and your spouse work through all issues in your divorce related to sharing children, financial support and dividing your assets and debts.

Talk to a Wisconsin divorce mediator. It's 100% confidential.

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How divorce mediation works in Wisconsin
  1. The first thing we’ll do is draft all the necessary paperwork to get the process started and file it for you with the courts. We’ll obtain a court case number and a judge to help move the case along.
  2. Next, we’ll work on your financial statements with you and file those with the court.
  3. Next, we’ll have a series of settlement conferences virtually or in person where we’ll work to resolve all outstanding issues in your case. The nice part about mediation is that you don’t need to come into mediation with any agreements, that’s what we’re here for. We have a 90% success rate helping people resolve their mediated divorces without having to resort to attorneys or going to contested court hearings.
  4. Finally, we’ll draft a marital settlement agreement and file that with the court upon you and your spouse’s signature, and then we’ll obtain a court date for you to finalize your divorce case. We’ll be in contact with you throughout the case via phone, email and video conference to make any necessary changes to any documents, and we’re even able to help you after the divorce finalize things like transferring retirement accounts, drafting deeds and the like if your case needs that.

Talk to a Wisconsin divorce mediator. It's 100% confidential.

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Starts at $1,799 per spouse

Let's settle it.No lawyers needed.

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