Wisconsin Adultery Laws

August 3, 2018 Pre Divorce, Self-Care

Learning that your spouse has been unfaithful to you can be a painful shock. That can be especially true if you have children or if you’ve been married for an extended time. As such, you might seek out help determining what to do about their infidelity.

You’ll need to understand Wisconsin adultery laws, first, so you’ll have the answers you need. Unfortunately, dealing with an unfaithful spouse and  possibly a divorce can be daunting. Seek out the help of the lawyers from Karp & Iancu when you’re struggling with your case and get the answers you need about the WI laws regarding infidelity that can affect your case.

Adultery Is Technically Illegal

When you’re facing a divorce because your spouse was unfaithful, you may be considering your options for legal action. In Wisconsin, you’ll need to keep in mind that adultery can be treated as a Class 1 felony, which could mean years in jail for your spouse.

However, it’s not common that this charge is used. Because it can be so difficult to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your spouse committed adultery, it can lead to more frustration and pain, not justice.

Because of this, you and your Wisconsin attorney will likely focus more on your options during the divorce and what adultery could mean for your case.

Adultery Can Affect Other Areas of a Divorce

When your spouse has been unfaithful, it may not affect whether you’re able to get a divorce or how the divorce decree will be considered. However, your spouse’s infidelity can affect details that would otherwise be decided based on other factors.

For example, your spouse may be seeking custody of your children. However, because they were unfaithful, your lawyer may bring up evidence of their unfaithfulness as a reason to keep the children in your care. Because child custody is based on the best interests of your children, the judge may base their decisions about custody partially around the conduct of your spouse.

Talk to a Wisconsin Lawyer about Adultery Laws

When you’re considering a divorce, you may be thinking about the faithlessness of your spouse and how to deal with your concerns about it. You may not know Wisconsin adultery laws, so you may not be sure how they’ll affect you.

Fortunately, your lawyer from Karp & Iancu will understand how much these laws can change your case. Wisconsin adultery laws should be taken into consideration when you’re facing a spouse who’s cheated on you, so consider your options when fighting back during your divorce case.

If you’re struggling with a divorce because your spouse was unfaithful, reach out for legal help today