Finding the right divorce lawyer

July 3, 2018 Pre Divorce

Milwaukee Attorney David Karp

I have written previous blogs about how one goes about to find a divorce lawyer. Today’s topic is about finding the right lawyer for you in a family law case. You need to have a mindset from day one, about what type of a lawyer you are looking for. Are you looking for a lawyer to do battle and take the case to trial at any cost or do you prefer to hire an attorney that can help you cut your costs and assist you in reaching a fair settlement. There are huge contrasts between the two types of attorneys, and many times, depending on the type of lawyer you hire, ripe with serious implications on the outcome of your case, as well as the cost.

  1. The litigious lawyer.  Maybe you have decided that you refuse to have any settlement discussions about your case and simply want the court to decide every issue of your case, from the most important, such as custody issues of your children, to the most minor issue, such as which party gets the flat screen 60″ TV. There are lawyers like this, that are only too happy to pour gasoline on  a burning fire. The more you fight, the more times you go to court, the more your bill will be run up. Expect your bill to run you thousands of dollars over and above the normal cost of getting a divorce. Along with the stress of fighting, arguing, and going to court on every issue your case, many of the attorneys who take this “rambo” attack are lawyers that are the least prepared for court; ignore client inquires and requests for information; are least well versed many times in complex family law issues, talk a good talk, but when push comes to shove, really don’t have a command of the case, the issues or the law. Yes, they will fight about the most mundane and trivial issues, at your expense, but expect the worst results and outcome to your case as a result.

2. The conciliatory lawyer. The conciliatory lawyer prepares your case from day one as if it is going to trial, but also does everything along the way to encourage you to compromise, settle and avoid court. Court is only considered when all efforts to settle issues have fallen apart. The lawyer’s goal is to help save you the money of litigating, while still getting you a fair and reasonable settlement of your case. These type of lawyers are well skilled in settlement techniques, negotiations and many times mediation. They can try the case, just like the “rambo lawyers,” but they only do so if all efforts to reasonably settle the case have settled. They are also the most likely lawyers to prepare you for every court hearing, promptly return all of your phone calls and e mails, are well versed in complex family law issues and cases, and have you as the client as their number one priority, not to line their pockets with your hard earned money by encouraging you to fight about everything.

So, while the decision is up to you and the course of your divorce is up to you, think carefully about what kind of divorce lawyer you are looking for. Every  family lawyer doesn’t fit every client’s needs. You both have to trust and like each other. It is also an excellent idea to interview with several different divorce lawyers, before settling on the one that meets your goals and you feel the most comfortable with. So, which is it?  The combative lawyer, or the conciliatory lawyer? What is your personality? Are you one that likes to fight about everything and always have the last word? Maybe the combative lawyer makes sense? On the other hand, are you the type of person that  dislikes conflict, dissension and looks towards ways of solving problems? In that case, the conciliatory lawyer makes the most amount of sense.

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