All things must pass

April 15, 2018 Pre Divorce

The title for my blog today is taken from the first solo album by George Harrison after the Beatles broke up. It’s the name of the double album and a song on the record. It’s fitting because this past week my mother passed. While she had been ill over the last 30 days, it was a shock when we received the news a week ago Friday that she passed. It remains a shock and numbing that she is gone. Today’s blog is in tribute to my dear mother.

1. She lived to be 90 years old.

2. My parents were married nearly 70 years.

3. She never drank alcohol.

4. She never smoked.

5. I never heard her swear or be profane.

6. She had a profound sense of religion and spirituality.

7. She stressed the importance of education and becoming successful.

8. She was a devoted wife to my father able endearing mother to my brother and I who devoted her life to raising a family.

9. She was extremely close to her siblings, who at one point, part of the family lived together, including my grandparents, in a small duplex.

10. She had an engaging mind with great intellect for math and numbers.

11. She inspired me to be a musician, having me take music lessons as early as 4 years old.

I couldn’t have asked for a better upbringing and devoted mother to my brother and I.  We will surely miss her and love her forever.