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Milwaukee Family Mediation Lawyer

Want fair answers to your case’s issues, but don’t want to fight against your loved ones? Contact a Milwaukee lawyer to act as a family mediator for your case.

While our usual mental image of divorce is full of fighting, long days in court, and painful decisions about child custody, your divorce doesn’t have to be that way. You and your spouse might be thinking of parting ways, but you’re still friendly to one another. You don’t want to fight one another, especially if you’re mostly in agreement about your case.

If you want to avoid the complex fighting that divorce often brings, seek out a Milwaukee family mediation lawyer. At Karp & Iancu, SC, we understand that your family relationships are still important, even during a divorce, so we’ll help to make the process easier on you and your former spouse.

Mediation vs. Litigation in Wisconsin

When deciding how to best handle your Milwaukee case, you’ll first need to ask one question: What’s the difference between mediation and litigation?

When you’re seeking a divorce, you and your spouse might disagree on the splitting of assets and custody, so you might take your case to court. Fighting back for that property is known as litigation. Unfortunately, this is difficult on you and your spouse.

Mediation helps you part on good terms. Rather than defending you in court, your mediation lawyer will mediate the conversation between you and your spouse. They’ll provide a neutral voice so that you can expect a fair agreement for both you and your spouse.

How a Mediation Lawyer Can Help

When you’re facing a situation that may call for a family law attorney, you might be unsure where to turn without fighting with your spouse on the subject. Fortunately, Milwaukee families can get help settling their cases without the need for a lengthy trial.

For example, you and your spouse might have trouble deciding how to settle the issue of child custody. You both want the other spouse to continue being part of the children’s lives, but you’re struggling to make a joint custody plan.

In these cases, you don’t want to take your case to court and fight for custody. Fortunately, you’ll have the opportunity to simply plan for joint custody with a Wisconsin mediation lawyer to help you. If you’re struggling with any other decisions, like annulment, child visitation, or child support, your Milwaukee mediation attorney can help.

Seek Help through Family Mediation

When you’re struggling to overcome a divorce or other difficult family matter, you might already feel drained and upset. That may be much worse when you’re fighting your loved ones over property, time with your children, or your rights as a mother or father.

When your family is struggling to make tough decisions like these, you may need a lawyer from Karp & Iancu, SC on your side. Our Milwaukee attorneys understand how painful these cases can be for the family, which is why we’re determined to make them easier on you.

Ready to seek out mediation, not litigation? Your Milwaukee family mediation lawyer is here to help. To begin, simply give us a call at 414-453-0800 or complete the online form below.

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