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Milwaukee Family Mediation Lawyer

Wisconsin attorneys foster successful resolutions to family law cases

With the proper guidance, many Wisconsin divorces can be resolved through mediation. This method of alternative dispute resolution avoids the time, stress, and expense typically associated with traditional litigation. At Karp & Iancu, S.C. in Milwaukee, our firm delivers professional mediation services to divorcing couples who require assistance with issues such as property division, maintenance (alimony), child placement, child custody and more. Our Milwaukee family mediation attorneys have a thorough understanding of Wisconsin law as well as the practical considerations that drive parties apart. We have become known as a top Wisconsin firm because we deliver exceptional guidance in each matter that we handle.

Attorneys David Karp and David Iancu have developed reputations as highly capable, efficient mediators throughout Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Waukesha, and Washington counties, among others.

Dedicated Milwaukee family mediation lawyers use mediation to resolve various disagreements

Our attorneys provide comprehensive mediation assistance during matrimonial and parenting cases to help settle conflicts relating to:

  • Property division — Ending a marriage is traumatic enough. Adding the rigors of a trial only adds to the stress. Husbands and wives understand the true value of specific property items much more than a judge who is unfamiliar with their circumstances. As mediators, we follow your lead and offer useful counsel when necessary.
  • Maintenance — Maintenance, sometimes known as alimony, is often one of the most litigated and contentious disputes in any divorce case. Our mediators are experienced in handling and resolving maintenance disputes outside of court.
  • Child support, custody and visitation — When parents break up, they have a shared responsibility to support their children. Reaching consensus on child custody, visitation and support averts bitterness and confusion that can negatively affect the child.
  • Financial issues — Even when spouses want to settle issues amicably, it can be difficult to determine the value of complex financial assets such as retirement accounts and business interests. We have the ability to clarify these matters and construct fair agreements.

With decades of combined legal experience, our attorneys can handle the most difficult marital issues with skill and professionalism.

Knowledgeable legal counselors help spouses reach consensus

Choosing mediation to resolve your divorce carries significant advantages:

  • Informed neutral perspective — Our skilled mediators have the knowledge and experience to help divorcing spouses see the legal merits of each other’s cases. With this understanding, true negotiation can proceed without being hampered by misconceptions or unrealistic expectations.
  • Time and cost savings — Divorce places a tremendous strain on your family life and finances. By avoiding lengthy, expensive discovery and other aspects of court cases, mediation participants can move ahead in their lives more quickly and on a stronger financial foundation.
  • Control over your case — Litigation is bound by the court’s schedule and rules. In mediation, you can shape the proceedings to suit the parties’ needs. This flexibility makes it easier to craft a resolution that achieves everyone’s key objectives.
  • Privacy — Instead of hashing out personal or business matters in open court, mediation provides a private forum where each side can speak freely and move past the issues that separate them.

Mediation is not only for parties who are close to reaching a deal. If you’ve tried to negotiate a settlement directly with the other party and have failed, mediation offers a way to resolve differences. Clients receive the same type of effective advocacy in front of a mediator as they do in court. And for couples who have children and will need to remain a part of each other’s lives, mediation can allow you to reach consensus without destroying your relationship.

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The Milwaukee family mediation attorneys of Karp & Iancu, S.C. serve as mediators in a full range of Wisconsin family law matters. Please call 414-453-0800 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our Milwaukee office or our Glendale (North Shore) office.


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