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Milwaukee Family Law Attorney

When you’re facing a divorce, separation, or custody battle, you’re facing an emotional, difficult time for yourself and for your family. Seek out a family law attorney in Milwaukee for help keeping things fair and peaceful.

Even when you and your spouse are on the same page, a divorce is never easy. You’re in an emotional place, and you’re struggling to get the fair treatment you need for yourself and your children. It can be exhausting, and if you’re fighting back alone, your case may not end fairly.

As such, you’ll need a Milwaukee family law attorney on your side. Our lawyers at Karp & Iancu, S.C. understand how difficult a divorce or even a separation can be, and we’ll help you get the fair treatment you deserve.

Family Law Mediation or Litigation?

Your first decision will be one on approaching your Milwaukee case. A divorce isn’t an easy time for you or your spouse, and often, someone may be unwilling to work together to settle the divorce details. In these cases, you might be considering litigation.

When you think of divorce proceedings, you likely think about family lawyers arguing for a fair division on behalf of their client. If you’re already struggling to get the fair amount you deserve in your divorce, you may need an attorney who can fight for you and the fair division you deserve.

However, you and your spouse may also want to avoid a difficult divorce. Perhaps you’re trying to part on good terms with one another, and you don’t want to fight one another, even if you don’t have a full agreement prepared. In these cases, you may seek out family law mediation in Milwaukee.

During mediation, you and your spouse will contact a lawyer to mediate any possible disputes and help the two of you come to an agreement. That means you’ll compromise and make decisions that can leave you both feeling satisfied and as though your concerns were heard.

Custody Agreements in Milwaukee

Whether you choose family law mediation or litigation, one of the first things on your mind may be your children, if any are involved. You’ll need to decide where your children will live and who they will live with before the divorce is finalized, whether that’s in Milwaukee or somewhere else. Typically, you’ll need to even make a temporary order for your child’s custody during the divorce process.

There are two major types of custody situations: sole and joint custody. When a parent has sole custody of a child, that parent has physical custody of the child, in that the child lives only with that parent. While the parents may share legal custody, which includes access to the child’s school and medical records, sole custody means that the child lives with only one parent.

Joint custody gives custody to both parents, which will be shared based on an agreed-upon time schedule. For example, you may be seeking joint custody, but your spouse lives closer to the child’s school than you do. If agreed on, you might have custody on the weekends, but your spouse will have custody during the school week.

Child Support Guidelines in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Typically, one parent (the custodial parent) has more of the responsibility for the child than the noncustodial parent. Since the responsibility for the child is rarely split equally, you may need to make a child support agreement as well.

Family law in Wisconsin dictates that child support is typically decided by how many children you have. For example, you might have sole custody of the child, so your spouse pays the child support. If you only have one child, your child support will be 17 percent of your spouse’s income. That percentage will grow depending on the number of children, topping out at 34 percent for five or more children.

Enforcing Child Support Rules in Milwaukee

Unfortunately, your spouse may not want to pay the child support they owe. There may be concerns about having the money to do so, or they may simply refuse to pay. When your former spouse does that, you may feel like you don’t have any options.

However, the agencies that enforce child support do have options for you. Some of the following penalties may affect your former spouse if they refuse to pay:

  • Liens on their property
  • Fines and interest on the unpaid amount
  • License suspension (driver’s license and/or recreational licenses)

If you and your spouse made a child support agreement, and they’re not keeping up their end, you may be eligible to fight back. Reach out for a Milwaukee family lawyer’s help before you file, and we’ll review your child support agreement, as well as what you’re able to do.

Milwaukee Family Law FAQ

When dealing with family law in Milwaukee, you might have questions that you’re struggling to get answers for. Every family is unique, and so every proceeding may be different. Unfortunately, that can make it difficult to get the answers you need.

Before you get started, seek out a Milwaukee lawyer for answers to your questions. The FAQs below can help you get on the right track, but a family law attorney can give you the individual answers you need.

If I’m considering a divorce in Milwaukee, do I need my spouse’s agreement?

Because Wisconsin is a no-fault state for divorce, you don’t need your spouse to sign the papers with you. Since a marriage shouldn’t be between any unwilling partners, you’ll be able to file without showing proof of cause, like abuse or adultery. Instead of filing together, you’ll need to simply serve the papers to your spouse, who will have a limited time to complete the paperwork and meet for a hearing.

Who pays for child support under Wisconsin family law?

When you and your spouse divorce, your child is a critical part of the proceedings, and their well-being should be considered. As such, you’ll need to know who’s responsible for paying for their care. Generally, the noncustodial parent will be responsible for paying child support for any children involved.  

As a grandparent in Milwaukee, do I have visitation rights if my grandchild’s parents divorce?

As a grandparent, you may not have the same parental rights as the parents. Unfortunately, that can make it difficult to see your grandchild when the parents end their marriage. Fortunately, you may have a right to see your grandchildren, even if it’s against the parents’ wishes. You’ll need to file a petition and show that you do have a right to see your grandchild.  

Seek Out a Family Law Attorney in Milwaukee

Dealing with a family dispute can be tough, whether that’s a separation or divorce, and it can be even worse when things have gotten violent. It can be confusing and complex, and it can feel like you’re not getting the help and attention you need during this difficult time.

Fortunately, that’s where a family lawyer from Karp & Iancu, S.C. comes in. Our attorneys can help you get the property you deserve and the best situation for your children. Your rights should be protected, and a lawyer can make sure that those rights are respected.

Reach out soon and take advantage of a consultation with our family law attorney. If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ll discuss your family law case and what you can expect. From there, we’ll help mediate your situation, or we can fight for you if you or your spouse choose litigation.

When you’re ready to begin, get started with a Milwaukee family law attorney soon. Reach out by calling 414-453-0800 or by completing the following online form.

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