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Milwaukee Family Law FAQ

If you’re facing a legal issue involving your family, it can be tough to recover. You don’t want to fight with your own family, but it can be difficult to avoid in some cases. When it comes down to litigation for divorce or a custody battle for your children, it’s important to fight back for your case.

Unfortunately, all families are unique, so you may struggle to get the answers you need from online sources. While a Milwaukee family law FAQ can get you started, you need a lawyer from Karp & Iancu, SC to help guide you through the difficult situation you’re facing. Reach out for guidance if you’re still struggling with your case.

Do I need an attorney to file for divorce, an annulment, or other actions?

When you’re filing for any reason, you typically have the option to represent yourself and handle your case alone. That can be especially tempting when you and your spouse seem to be amicable and in agreement. However, seeking out a divorce is a major life decision and can be stressful.

That’s where a lawyer can help. Dealing with a divorce is rarely easy, but working with a lawyer can help you keep peace with your family and make tough decisions that are best for everyone.

What does “no-fault state” mean when seeking a divorce?

When you’re seeking out a divorce, you may need to list a reason for your divorce. In some states, a reason is required to file, even if that reason is the generic irretrievable breakdown of marriage.” However, in many states, there’s no need to include a specific reason for the divorce. While you may include the reason for seeking a divorce, such as domestic abuse, it’s unnecessary when you’re filing for divorce in Wisconsin.

What’s the difference between legal and physical child custody?

When you’re deciding child custody roles, chances are good that either you or your spouse have primary physical custody of the child. While joint custody may split the time the child is physically in your custody, one parent may spend the most time with the child.

Legal custody, however, is usually granted to both parents, except in cases where the child may be in danger. Legal custody means that you’re still a part in making decisions for the child. For example, you should still be consulted about changes to schooling, medical care, and other major decisions for your child.

Get Answers from a Milwaukee Family Lawyer

Family law can be complex, especially if you and your family members disagree on the situation. That makes a painful situation worse, leaving you to struggle. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with all of this alone.

Instead, get the answers you need from our family lawyers at Karp & Iancu, SC. While our Milwaukee family law FAQ can get you started, you’ll need answers for your specific case.

If you’re facing a divorce or other major family change, reach out for help. Your attorney can help you get the answers you need to protect yourself and your family. To get started with a consultation, reach out by calling 414-453-0800 or by completing the online form below.


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