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Milwaukee Restraining Order Lawyer

Feeling unsafe and looking for security? A restraining order can help you feel protected while you work with your Milwaukee attorney on your case.

Whether you’re facing an abusive spouse, a stalker, or an ex-partner who you’re now afraid of, there are times that you may feel unsafe. That’s especially true when you’re seeking a divorcea violent partner can make an already difficult decision much harder.

Fortunately, a restraining order can give you the distance you need to overcome your situation. If you’re afraid of what your partner may do during this painful time, reach out to a Milwaukee restraining order lawyer. At Karp & Iancu, SC, we can help you get the protection you need to focus on your case.

How a Restraining Order Works

When you feel that an abuser or harasser may cause you harm, you may need legal protection from the police. You may have heard of a restraining order as an option to prevent violence, but how does a Wisconsin restraining order keep a former spouse, former date, or harasser away from you?

A restraining order is a court order, which means they could face charges if they violate the restraining order. That means that if they fail to move out of your home, avoid contact with you, or try to harm you physically or sexually, they may be arrested and prosecuted. If you feel that you’re in danger, contact your Milwaukee attorney for help seeking a restraining order.  

Getting a Restraining Order in Milwaukee

If you believe another person is a danger to you, you’ll need to act quickly to protect yourself. First, be sure to only speak to your lawyer about your plans to seek a restraining order. If the other person knows, they may try to fight back, making the protection process longer.

First, you’ll need to bring information about the abuser in question. You’ll need their name, address, and pictures, if possible. This information helps ensure that the papers are properly served.  When you bring this information in, you’ll need to speak with an advocate and others, so you may need to prepare yourself for explaining why you’re seeking out a restraining order against this person.

After this process, they’ll then serve the papers, and you’ll need to attend the final hearing, or injunction. Keep in mind that the abuser in question may arrive at your hearing to defend themselves, so you may need to be prepared with evidence for your case.

Get Help with Your Milwaukee Restraining Order

The need for a restraining order alone can be stressful. You might have already suffered because of this person, and you need protection. Unfortunately, they’re not willing to give you that freedom, so you may need help from the lawyers at Karp & Iancu, SC.

Our attorneys understand that your abuser or harasser may try to fight your restraining order, but you can have legal guidance on your side. If you’re worried about getting your restraining order, reach out to a lawyer for help.

If you’re struggling to deal with your restraining order, or if you’re afraid the other party may fight back, get a Milwaukee restraining order lawyer on your side. Call 414-453-0800 or fill out the online form below to contact us and get the help you need.


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