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Divorce Myths Debunked

The other day, I wrote two blogs about some common myths people hold about divorce issues. Today’s discussion will continue separating fact from fiction. The issues are discussed in the context of Wisconsin law only. The wife gets to keep the wedding ring. Not true. The wedding ring is not considered a “conditional gift” under […]

Divorce Myths put to rest

The other day, I wrote a blog about some common myths people may have about the law when getting a divorce. Today is part two of the discussion. 1. If there is 50/50 placement, no child support is required. This may or may not be true. There is a specific formula to calculate child support when […]

Fact or fiction

I thought I would use today’s blog to debunk some of the myths I hear from people on what they believe the law is. The purpose is to cove some of the most frequently asked questions. 1. I’m only married a few months. I want an annulment. Under Wisconsin law, the length of the marriage […]

Taking advice from friends

You are going though a divorce, and suddenly every friend you talk to or family members,  are all giving you advice about your case and what you should be doing. Some of the advice is conflictual and even contradicts the advice of your own divorce lawyer. Who  should you be listening to? While there is […]

The importance of a financial disclosure statement.

When going through a divorce or legal separation, one of the most important documents you will need to complete is a financial disclosure statement under oath. The filing of a financial disclosure statement is required by law under s.767.127. It must contain all sources of income, estimated monthly expenses, a listing of all assets, both […]

Finding the right divorce lawyer

  I have written previous blogs about how one goes about to find a divorce lawyer. Today’s topic is about finding the right lawyer for you in a family law case. You need to have a mindset from day one, about what type of a lawyer you are looking for. Are you looking for a […]

Appealing a Court Decision

I have been fielding many questions lately on the consumer-lawyer websites such as AVVO and  LAWYERS.COM about how to go about appealing an adverse ruling from the court. Today’s blog will discuss the various remedies available. Appealing a court commissioner’s decision. You have the right to appeal an adverse ruling of the court commissioner by […]

IRA Transfers in a Divorce

Individual Retirement Accounts are divisible marital property assets under Wisconsin law. Whether a traditional IRA or a ROTH IRA, they need to be accounted for and divided up pursuant to the law. The presumption is 50/50. How do you actually go about though and divide them up? 1. Cashing the IRA in and paying the […]

“Shirking” the Night Away

My blog title is taken from an old Sam Cooke song, “twisting the night away.” The other day, in one of my blogs, I talked about the difference post judgment, in a “voluntary” change of circumstances, as opposed to an “involuntary” change of circumstances and how the court views the request to modify support based […]

Best Milwaukee Divorce Lawyers – Three Things to Look For

Attorney David Iancu points out three things to look for in a Milwaukee divorce and family lawyer. The lawyers at Karp & Iancu, S.C. strive to be among the best divorce lawyers Milwaukee. How do we do it and what do the other best Milwaukee divorce lawyers all have in common? Good Communication. By far […]


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