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Custody jurisdiction- pro se litigants

I have been doing a series of blogs on mistakes pro se litigants make when going through a divorce without a lawyer. A minefield of complexity and confusion comes into play when dealing with custody jurisdiction involving minor children. “Home state” jurisdiction under the Uniform Child Custody Act (UCCJEA) is determined where the children have […]


You were in a bad car accident; one day when you leave your home, you notice out of your rear view mirror, a black SUV following you. You don’t give it too much attention until you leave your destination, and notice they are following you. Paranoid? Maybe. You drive home, park your car for the […]


I am frequently asked by divorce clients if you can wiretap and then use the evidence in court; the answer is yes and no. Under Wisconsin law, it is my understanding that it is not necessarily illegal to wiretap someone without their knowledge or consent. However, you cannot use it in court, unless the recording […]

Jurisdiction- pro se litigants

We have been doing a series on pro se litigants and some of the common mistakes they make when people try to do their divorce without lawyers. We live in a transient society and people move around from state to state. Let’s assume we have a couple who have been living in California; they separate; […]

Property division mistakes- pro se litigants

We have been talking about mistakes that pro se litigants make when attempting to do their divorce on their own with out lawyers. Here is another example; the parties agree in their divorce agreement to divide up their personal furniture and household goods in the following manner; “each shall keep what they now have.”. Just […]

Lawyers Descend on St.Louis

There is a trial underway in St. Louis, MO involving Johnson & Johnson’s talc powder. It involves whether or not the talc-containing personal hygiene products cause ovarian cancer. Lawyers from over all over the United States have gathered in a Missouri state courtroom for opening statements as of last Tuesday. There are thousands of similar […]

Child support errors- Pro se Litigants

I have done a number of recent blogs about mistakes pro se litigants make. No, I am not picking on people who represent themselves when getting a divorce. Instead, the purpose of this series of blogs on the topic, is to avoid other people going through a divorce making similar mistakes. As many as 50% […]

Pro se mistakes- dependency exemptions

I have devoted the last several blogs to pointing out mistakes that pro se litigants make, when trying to do their divorce. Here is one of the most common; forgetting that along with allocating the tax dependency exemptions for minor children, that there also needs to contain language in the settlement agreement that the custodial […]

Pro se Mistakes, Part 3 – Custody

I started a series the other day to point out errors that pro se litigants make when doing their divorce on their own, without a lawyer. Not everyone needs a divorce lawyer on their case, and some people honestly just can’t afford an attorney an attorney. We understand that as practicing lawyers. However, are also […]

Pro se mistakes- this time, pensions

The other day in a blog, I wrote about the mistake that people representing themselves sometimes make when getting a divorce and forgetting to have language inserted in their marital settlement agreement that when one party keeps a home, there has to be a plan to refinance the mortgage, not just sign the title over. […]


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