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Court Sanctions in Wisconsin

Sometimes litigants going through a civil matter, do not understand the significance of complying with court orders or rules and laws that govern pre-trial matters. There is a duty to cooperate with discovery under Chapter 804; that means timely complying with discovery requests, such as written interrogatories, that must be answered under oath within 30 […]

Lawyer advertising; Fact or Fiction?

Have you turned on your TV at home lately? Notice anything different?  I have; Every other commercial on television seems to be from a personal injury lawyer. Many of them boast how much money they have obtained for their clients. Some use testimonials from what appears to be former clients talking about how successful their […]

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is national Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you know a friend or family member that has been the victim of domestic violence, you can inform them that there is help and that there are legal procedures that can be undertaken to have the instigator be court ordered away from the victim. The person who […]

Having a GAL removed from a case.

A frequently asked question on some of the “ask lawyer” web sites such as AVVO and LAWYERS.com is how can you go about having a guardian ad litem removed from a case? I have written about the issue before, but it becomes pertinent for today’s discussion after coming off a family law seminar this past […]

Alienating Children

Parents going through a divorce may not realize how their behavior and conduct may be causing their children emotional harm. It may be intentional and it may be unknowingly, but either way their conduct and behavior is destructive. Here are some examples; Every time the children come back from visiting the other parent, they are […]

Dealing with Pro Se Litigants

Did you know that over 50% of all family law cases involve individuals representing themselves in family law cases?  In some of the major metropolitan areas, the statistics can be as high as 70% of all cases involving pro se litigants. From time to time as divorce attorneys, given how many individuals representing themselves in […]

The different forms of mediation.

If you are going through a divorce, and particularly where you have minor children, you are probably going to hear about “mediation.” There are various types of mediation that may occur during the divorce process. One form of mediation is mandated by statute, and is required any time there is a contested issue of custody […]

How is residency established?

Someone asked me the other day if you file for divorce in the state you were married in or the state you are now living in? Does the marriage date determine residency? Under Wisconsin law, where you were married is irrelevant to the question of jurisfiction for purposes of establishing jurisdiction for divorce or separation. […]

The different types of placement in Wisconsin

Under Wisconsin law, there are three different types of placement for minor children when setting custody orders. Primary Placement; This is viewed as the “traditional placement” where the children predominantly live with one parent, and the other parent has visitation rights.  Under Wisconsin law, it is defined as the children being placed in one home […]

Court Sanctions s. 802.05 (3)

You were divorced some time ago, but it seems as though every year or so, your ex is dragging you back into court for one thing or another. The litigation never ends. It can be over the most petty issues or their attempt to modify custody and placement, with really no change in circumstances; they […]


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