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Milwaukee Father’s Rights Lawyer

If you’re facing a divorce, you might be worried about keeping in touch with your children. Fortunately, a Milwaukee family attorney can review your rights as a father and help you fight back.

A father’s relationship to their children can be important to both the child’s growth and their family relationship. Unfortunately, a divorce and custody ruling can make it difficult to maintain that situation.

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up your time and relationship with your children. Our lawyers at Karp & Iancu, SC understand how important a father can be to a child, so we’ll help you fight back to protect that relationship. Our Milwaukee father’s rights lawyer can guide you through your case when you’re struggling to understand and protect your rights to your family.

Determining Paternity

While Wisconsin has some statutes protecting the rights of parents to their children, fathers are in a unique position. While determining the maternity of the child may be easy, determining paternity may be required before you have legal rights to your child. This is especially true if you and the mother of your child weren’t married.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be complicated. The mother may voluntarily name you as the father, or you may have been married at the time the child was born. In these cases, the paternity may be assumed.

However, if the mother doesn’t name you as the father in this way, you may need to take a genetics test to prove your fatherhood. This test will show the court you’re the father, and the proceedings may continue.

Your Custody Rights and Parenting Plan

Once it’s established that you’re the father, you’ll have certain legal rights to your children in Milwaukee. For example, you may have the right to seek custody or visitation rights to your children. Wisconsin law places plenty of importance on children having access to both their parents, so your Milwaukee attorney can help you fight back for those rights.

You may already have legal custody, but you may also want physical custody of your child. Children often benefit from having both their parents in their lives, so you may have a chance to submit a parenting plan. If you’re concerned about spending time with your child, your lawyer can help you seek that time with your child.

Seek Out Legal Help for Your Father’s Rights

When you’re concerned about getting the time you deserve with your children, you’ll need to act to get the help you need. It can be tough to fight back, and you may feel that you’re facing a disadvantage.

At Karp & Iancu, SC, we understand that fathers deserve time with their children, too. That’s why we offer consultations for dads trying to protect their rights to their children. We’ll explain what rights you may have to your kids and how we can help.

When you’re ready, your Milwaukee father’s rights lawyer can help you fight back to protect your rights to your kids. To begin, reach out by calling 414-453-0800 or by completing the online form below.


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