What are you entitled to in a divorce?

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3 things you’re entitled to in a divorce

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When you’re seeking out a divorce, you may be concerned about where that leaves you. You’ll need some help recovering after the divorce, and that can be tough if you’re worried about your financial and personal situation. That’s especially true if you have children.

When you’re struggling with a divorce, you may already be asking, “What am I entitled to in a Wisconsin divorce?” If you’re not sure what to expect, your attorney from Karp & Iancu, S. C. can help you get answers for your unique case.

Your Property and Assets

When you’re seeking a divorce, one of your first concerns may be your property and your assets. That’s especially true if your spouse had debts you didn’t accrue as well.

Typically, your property gained in the course of the marriage should be split evenly between you and your spouse. Your divorce lawyer can talk to you about splitting these assets, like cars, houses, and finances.

Your lawyer can also make sure you keep any non-marital property. For example, you might have received an inheritance listed only to you, not your spouse. Your lawyer can help you set aside these funds and split debts fairly, as well.

Time with Your Children

Another concern might be your children. Your kids are a big part of your life, so protecting your time for visitation or custody is important. Fortunately, you should have the right to see and spend time with your children.

If you’re concerned about getting custody or visitation rights, your attorney can help you make a parenting plan that works for you and your former spouse. If you’re concerned about protecting your children, you may need to consider seeking sole custody by talking to a lawyer about the best interests of your children.

Your Options for Alimony

In some cases, you might not have worked for some time, or you may be unable to work enough to support yourself. Sometimes, that prevents people from seeking a divorce because they’re concerned about their financial security.

Fortunately, you may have options for spousal maintenance, or alimony. If you’re unable to earn an income to support yourself, you may need to present your case to a judge. From there, you could receive funds to support yourself in the wake of the divorce. That way, you can focus on moving forward without worrying about your financial security.

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If you’re facing a divorce in Wisconsin, you might have some concerns about your future after the divorce. Your former spouse may not be on good terms with you, so you’re worried about keeping your case fair. That leaves many people asking, “What am I entitled to in a Wisconsin divorce?”

While you may know you need to take a look at the above issues, you might not be sure how to address them, especially if your spouse is a threat to your safety. In these cases, you may need to talk it over with a lawyer, like the ones at Karp & Iancu, S.C. Our attorneys can help you navigate your Wisconsin divorce when you call 414-453-0800 or when you complete the online form below.

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