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Our attorneys help remove time-consuming divorce appeals case loads from your attorneys' plates

Karp & Iancu takes pride in the long-term collaborative working relationships it has with other family law firms across the state. Learn the approach our appeals attorneys will take to get your clients original ruling reversed below.

Need Help With Your Appeals Case(s)? We’ve Got Your Back.

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Taking on appeals cases can be challenging especially when you’ve got a busy schedule.

With Karp & Iancu as your appellate partner, we’ll leverage our experience to customize our approach by providing only the assistance you need to present the best case possible on appeal. Whether you want us to merely help you put your best foot forward by professionally ghostwriting and editing your briefs, or whether you want to bow-out of the process and have us take over the case on appeal, we are happy to provide several tiers of service options in order to allow you as much or as little control over your case as you desire.

We’ll Always Keep Your Client’s Best Interests at Heart

Depending on your workload needs, we offer three different appeals service:

Brief Writing & Editing
Among our appellate attorneys we have a former Editor-in-Chief of the Marquette Law Review, a long-time Editor of the Wisconsin Journal of Family Law, a prolific published legal authority, and an attorney who has authored seven full-length novels, one of which has been a Best Seller in multiple countries. Let us be your team of writers and editors while you remain the legal authority on your client’s appeal.

Your Responsibilities

  • Remain lead counsel
  • Sign all pleadings and appellate submissions
  • Present the case at oral argument

Karp & Iancu Responsibilities

  • Reduce your arguments to writing
  • Or alternatively, you can choose to write your own brief and have us act as your editing hand to ensure you present your client’s case in its best possible light.

Appellate Co-Counsel
If in addition to writing the briefs, you also want help developing your arguments on appeal, we are available to act as appellate co-counsel. Under this arrangement, here’s what the division of tasks looks like:

Your Responsibilities

  • Remain lead counsel
  • Sign all pleadings and appellate submissions
  • Present the case at oral argument

Karp & Iancu Responsibilities

  • Collaborate to identify and develop your best appellate arguments
  • Assist you with finding and analyzing the most relevant and persuasive legal research to support those arguments
  • Help to clearly and concisely present arguments in written briefs to the court

Lead Counsel
If you feel your time and talents are best-suited to trial work and you prefer not to undertake an appeal but strongly support your client’s position, you can refer the case to us to handle in full.

Your Responsibilities

  • Transition your client to a Karp & Iancu appellate attorney.

Karp & Iancu Responsibilities

  • Manage every aspect of your appellate case.

Our Appellate Practice Group Are Experts in All Aspects of Appeals

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At Karp & Iancu S.C, we are one of the only family law firms in Wisconsin to have a dedicated in-house Appellate Practice Group consisting of four attorneys who:

  • have collectively 100 years of experience practicing exclusively in family law and family law appeals.
  • have been lead counsel on nearly 40 cases in the Court of Appeals and Wisconsin Supreme Court.
  • have experience managing all aspects of appeals
  • have represented petitioners and respondents
  • have initiated appeals and won reversals
  • have defended appeals and won affirmations
  • have successfully Petitioned the Supreme Court where they have argued and won landmark family law cases such as Frisch v. Henrichs, 2007 WI 102, 304 Wis. 2d 1, 736 N.W.2d 85.

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