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Racine Family Law Attorney

Facing a complex family legal dispute? Contact a family law attorney for the help you need untangling your case. Fortunately, a Racine attorney can make a difference for your case.

When you and your spouse are parting ways, it’s often not as simple as splitting your property and moving on. For starters, you may have children in your life, and you may want to protect your rights to them. There may be several other related issues, too. Unfortunately, you may be unsure where to start.

When you’re dealing with a divorce or the issues involved with filing for divorce, you may need a Racine family law attorney’s help. At Karp & Iancu, SC, we understand how difficult dealing with family disputes can be, so if you have questions about your children, support, or other divorce agreements, reach out for help.

Deciding Child Custody

When you and your spouse are choosing to divorce, you’ll also need to decide how you’ll share time and custody of your children. In some cases, you may have already made a plan to share time between yourselves, known as joint custody. However, you may be concerned about your children’s safety.

In these cases, you may need to seek physical custody of your children. To do so, you and your Racine lawyer will need to gather evidence that your household is best for your children. When deciding custody, the judge will make a decision based on the following factors, among others:

  • Distance from school
  • The child’s wishes
  • The mental and physical health of the parents
  • Criminal records for either parent
  • The child’s age

Visitation Rights for Racine Families

If you don’t receive custody, you should still get time to spend with your children—or even grandchildren, if you’re an invested grandparent. Unfortunately, the custodial parent may try to prevent you from having visiting time with your family.

In cases where visitation was agreed on in court, you can fight back for your visiting time. The custodial parent could be held in contempt of the court if they interfere with your visitation.

You may also seek visitation rights if you’re a grandparent, stepparent, or other close relative who may not have been involved in the divorce process. You may be a role model for the child, but the custodial parent may be denying you access to the children. If you’re concerned about your time with the children, petition for your visitation with the help of your Racine attorney.

Contact a Family Law Attorney in Racine

After a divorce, it can be tough to make the right decisions for your family. You’ve made the necessary decisions for a divorce, but you may still have to decide what to do about your children and other family matters.

That’s why you need a family lawyer from Karp & Iancu, SC at your side. We understand how difficult it can be to handle all the parts of your case alone. We can help, starting with your divorce decree and guiding you through your case and related family issues.

Interested in protecting yourself and your children during a divorce or other complicated family matter? Contact a Racine family law attorney for help. Call us at 414-453-0800 or complete the following online form to get started.

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