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Helpful Articles: Personal Injury

November 7th, 2016

Air bag deployment

You could be in an accident and your driver's side or passenger's air bag might not go off? Do you have a case if this happens? Well, one has to start with the idea that not all crashes trigger the air bags to go off. Usually, it has to be a front impact. If you…
November 4th, 2016

Breaks in treatment

I see a fair number of injury clients who complete their treatment and are discharged from care. It sometimes takes weeks and even months to get the file ready with all of their medical records and bills to send to the insurance company. At some point, the client decides they are not 100% recovered, and…
October 29th, 2016

Defendant Depositions in a personal injury lawsuit

The other day in my daily blogs, we explored where a deposition could take place if you were a plaintiff in a lawsuit. There is a distinction in the statute for where the deposition is to occur if you are a resident of the state, as opposed to a non-resident. Today's blog, will focus on…
October 22nd, 2016

Direct mail

So, you were in a car accident where you were stopped at a ref light and you were rear ended. Your car is damaged and will need to be fixed. You are a little sore with your neck and upper back, but don't really make too much of it. Several days after the accident, you…
September 17th, 2016

Pro se litigation

We are sometimes asked if a person can pursue a lawsuit for injury without a lawyer. This would include a personal injury case, products liability, medical malpractice, premises liability, or wrongful death, among other major litigation matters. While there is no law that a person has to have a lawyer, I think a person who…
August 30th, 2016

The Race is On

If you think that cars that drive themselves is 100 years away, think again. The race is on to have cars that drive themselves and are self-autonomous, by the year 2021. The new Mercedes-Benz 2017 will come equipped with a special optional package that the vehicle will be able to drive itself over extended straightaways…
August 15th, 2016

Subsequent Remedial Measures

We talk to a number of persons day in and day out who were injured as a result of a premises liability case, whether it is a trip and fall or slip and fall accident. Many times, they will tell us they have photographs of what made them fall; further, they may inform us that…
August 11th, 2016

Wisconsin’s Direct Action Statute

Wisconsin has a "direct action" statute, which means unlike many other states in our country, a person injured in an accident is allowed to directly sue the insurance company along with the driver or owner of the vehicle that caused the crash. sec. 632.24 Direct action against insurer. "Any bond or policy of insurance covering liability…
August 9th, 2016

Don’t drink COFFEE and drive?

I have written numerous recent blogs pointing out the dangers of inattentive driving, drinking and driving, and distracted driving. I am concerned not only for the motorist who engages in these type of behaviors, but the risk they pose to others on the road. Is drinking coffee while driving dangerous? Should there be a law…
August 4th, 2016

Distracted Driving

I have been writing numerous blogs about distracted driving, inattentive driving and reckless driving. I have discussed the danger it poses to the driver themselves and to others on the road. This issue is important not just on the local level, but on the national level as well. CNN will be doing a feature this…
July 29th, 2016

Aggressive Driving

Have you ever been on the freeway and observed another driver recklessly weaving in and out of traffic? How about passing on the right or ninths distress lane? Have you observed a vehicle suddenly come up behind you and tailgate your vehicle? What about passing on the left 20 or 30 mph over the speed…
July 7th, 2016

Healing Plateau and permanent injuries

I talk to a fair number of injury clients every day who have trouble with the concept that further medical treatment isn't helping them get better, following a serious car accident. Some patients treat as long as two to three years after the car crash, and never really get better. In some cases, they are…
June 16th, 2016

Bad luck leads to two accidents.

In the course of each year, we see several cases where clients are injured in an accident, and before they are discharged from their medical care, they have the misfortune of being involved in a second accident. Many times, their injuries are similar and pursing both cases is filled with complex and overlapping medical and…
June 12th, 2016

Switching doctors in the middle of an injury case

We frequently have injury clients for one reason or another, want to switch doctors. Presumably,  the reason is that they feel that their current doctor isn't doing enough to treat their injuries and they are seeking a more aggressive approach. This is an issue that needs to be discussed both with your doctor and injury…
June 11th, 2016

Errors in the Emergency Room

Medical mistakes can occur in our healthcare system, and when they do, such errors can lead to serious harm to patients. One of the areas of medicine where such mistakes occur is the emergency room. It is an area that is prone to errors occurring, which sometimes, can lead to very serious adverse harm to…
June 5th, 2016

Car Accident or Car Crash?

Did you know that there are over 37,000 fatalities every year from automobile crashes and ninety percent of those deaths are due to human error? That is why it is not proper to label them as "accidents," What is the difference between a "car accident" and a "car crash?" "Accident" means, by definition, a sudden…
May 23rd, 2016

Safety Law Allow Rental Car Companies to Escape Responsibility

Have you ever heard of the "Graves amendment?" Most people probably haven't, so don't feel bad that you are not aware of it. You know when you will be made aware of it? When you are in bad car accident and injured and find out that the person who hit you was driving a rental…
May 12th, 2016

Beware of Semi-Trucks

Years ago I was driving to court in Washington County. I was minding my own business driving in the center lane, when suddenly I felt a bump to my car. My car started to spin in circles on the freeway as I frantically tried to maintain control of the car. As I was spinning, I…
May 12th, 2016

Accident Reports Are Not Shielded Under Wisconsin Law

The Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday of this week that a federal law protecting driver's license data, does not permit Wisconsin law enforcement to withhold driver information from routine accident reports. Whether the federal law may require such redaction of information in other kinds of police reports, is dependent on what function law enforcement…
April 24th, 2016

What Medical Records Are Defense Counsel Entitled To?

One of the issues that concerns injured parties going through a lawsuit is whether all of their medical records are open to discovery or limited only to those medical records related to the accident? Typically pre-litigation when only a claim for injury is made against an insurance company, medical records and bills only for the…
April 12th, 2016

Loss Of The Enjoyment Of Life

I was recently asked if the law compensates an injured victim from an accident regarding their loss of the enjoyment of life. If so, how does one quantify or measure in a dollar amount what that loss may be? Is it allowed under Wisconsin law? WI Civil Jury instruction 1750.2 in part, reads as follows:…
April 4th, 2016

Wisconsin’s New “Hit And Run” Law

There is a new hit-and-run law in Wisconsin, signed into law by Governor Scott Walker. Under the new law, drivers who are in an accident are compelled to stop to investigate what they hit. If there is a determination that the accident caused either damage, injury or death, you are required now to provide information…
March 16th, 2016

Why Can’t I Find An Attorney To Handle My Property Damage Case?

We are frequently asked by potential clients why our office will not handle a non-injury property damage case. I am quite sure other personal injury lawyers and law firms are faced in dealing with similar phone calls and inquires from prospective clients, who were in a car accident, they were not injured, but need help…
March 14th, 2016

Why Are Persons Reluctant To Make An Uninsured Motorist Claim?

Sometimes you can be in a serious car accident and the other driver does not have automobile insurance to cover your medical expenses, wage loss and pain and suffering. Under Wisconsin law, there is a mandatory "Uninsured Motorist Law" (UM coverage), that allows a person injured in an accident caused by another driver who is…
February 17th, 2016

Hold Harmless Agreements

I recently was asked by an insurance adjuster to sign a "hold harmless" agreement. This involved a settlement of a personal injury case, and by signing the hold harmless agreement, I would be personally guaranteeing that all liens and obligations of the client would be paid for. This brought to mind a similar argument my…
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