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Law Enforcement sets out to curb dangerous driving

Local law enforcement will be out this week and during the summer in an effort to combat dangerous and aggressive motorists. Milwaukee police chief Alfonso Morales stated “you will be noticing it!” The police chief was joined at a press conference with Mayor Tom Barrett, Milwaukee County acting Sheriff, Richard Schmidt, and Major Anthony Burrell, […]

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

The National Safety Council (NSC), has designated the month of April as “Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The NSA and insurance companies across the country have joined the national campaign to bring awareness that distracted driving accidents can be prevented by drivers modifying their habits and creating new safety laws for the protection of motorist using […]

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

I have written numerous blogs at our web site in the last year or so of the dangers of distracted driving. There was a recent tragic accident in Texas where 13 people lost their lives, all due to distracted or inattentive driving. Distracted driving remains a very serious issue and contributes significantly to traffic accidents […]

Traffic Fatalities up in state of Wisconsin

Unfortunately, fatal car crashes is up in Wisconsin. Traffic fatalities rose statewide in 2016, compared to 2015. In Milwaukee, fatal car crashes decreased from 2015. In 2016, 588 individuals were killed here in Wisconsin, the highest number of traffic fatalities since 2012, then 601 persons died, according to preliminary information obtained from the Department of […]

3 passengers killed in a fatal Uber crash

By now, most of us living in the Milwaukee area, have heard the chilling story from this past weekend, how three young girls were killed in a horrific car crash, while riding in an Uber vehicle that was rammed, when the other vehicle ran a a red light, in downtown Milwaukee. The driver of the […]

Accidents increase due to 70 mph

I have posted many blogs about driver safety, distracted driving, and speed. In a recent study, it appears the newly implemented 70 mph on Wisconsin’s roadways has increased the number of accidents, fatalities and personal injuries. Distracted and driving under the influence, along with speed, appear to be the most common form of accidents. It […]

Crackdown on drunk drivers coming this holiday weekend

In an attempt to curb the ever rising tide of motorists who drink and drive, law enforcement is cracking down this week and up through the Labor Day holiday weekend on drunk drivers. As summer winds down and people make plans to travel with family or friends and engage in picnics, ballgames, and other activities, […]


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