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Games insurnace companies play

  I have a list of “rants” today, of things that insurance companies do and pull, day in and day out, that irritate me. In no particular order, here are some of them: Stall cooperating in having the property damage portion of  a personal injury claim resolved. Sending a settlement check for $500 and a […]

Spousal signatures on settlement agreements

If your spouse was in a car accident and the time has come for settling their case, you may be receiving a phone call from the personal injury attorney requiring you to come in and sign settlement papers, along with your spouse. This may include a closing statement, the settlement check itself (an endorsement) and […]

What happens at closing?

You have been involved in a serious automobile accident. You treated for 9 months and finally have been discharged from the doctor. Your lawyer has assimilated all relevant documents to send to the insurance company, including all your medical records, bills, wage loss verification, and itemization of special damages. The insurance company has made an […]


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