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Law Enforcement sets out to curb dangerous driving

Local law enforcement will be out this week and during the summer in an effort to combat dangerous and aggressive motorists. Milwaukee police chief Alfonso Morales stated “you will be noticing it!” The police chief was joined at a press conference with Mayor Tom Barrett, Milwaukee County acting Sheriff, Richard Schmidt, and Major Anthony Burrell, […]

Distracted Driving

I have been writing numerous blogs about distracted driving, inattentive driving and reckless driving. I have discussed the danger it poses to the driver themselves and to others on the road. This issue is important not just on the local level, but on the national level as well. CNN will be doing a feature this […]

Reckless Driving

The other day, I wrote a blog about the danger of reckless driving. Drivers, who weave in and out of traffic, make sudden lane changes, drive too fast, pass on the right, ignore stop signs, and any other number of reckless driving habits. I pointed out the danger both to themselves and other drivers on […]

Aggressive Driving

Have you ever been on the freeway and observed another driver recklessly weaving in and out of traffic? How about passing on the right or ninths distress lane? Have you observed a vehicle suddenly come up behind you and tailgate your vehicle? What about passing on the left 20 or 30 mph over the speed […]


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