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A woman paralyzed in a bad car crash

  The other day, a 71 year old woman was seriously injured in a car crash when another vehicle apparently ran a red light. The accident occurred at 76th and Beloit Road. The woman is paralyzed from the chest down and the artery through her spine is splitting. In addition, the woman suffered from a […]

Passengers to sue Southwest Airlines?

Everyone by now has heard the horrific story last week of how a passenger died during a flight on Southwest airlines, when the engine blew apart, and caused serious damage to the aircraft while in flight. The woman was nearly sucked out of the window, and passengers helped keep her inside the plan. However the […]

Woman sues Starbucks’ coffee for $100,000

In a case that smacks of the famous “McDonald’s little old lady who spilled hot coffee on her lap and got millions of dollars,” In a recent case from last month, a woman in Florida who was severely burned after her lid popped off a cup of Starbucks’ coffee and spilled on her lap, received […]

Safer Cars, Safer Roads

I have written numerous blogs at our web site, dealing with the mad rush by automobile manufacturers to produce self driving cars. The technology being developed will take the human error and distracted driving away from the driver and in the long run, result in the minimization of automobile accidents, if not, completely make them […]


You were in a bad car accident; one day when you leave your home, you notice out of your rear view mirror, a black SUV following you. You don’t give it too much attention until you leave your destination, and notice they are following you. Paranoid? Maybe. You drive home, park your car for the […]

Settling the case on your own

I talked to a guy the other day who was handling his injury case on his own; he wanted to know what the value of his case might be; all the information he provided was that he was in a car accident, lost several months of work and had a pile of unpaid medical bills; […]

Are you entitled to a copy of your witness statement?

Notwithstanding all of the TV commercials where personal injury lawyers advise not to sign anything or talk to the insurance company without a lawyer, or our own advice to our injury clients, not to speak to the insurance company, many times, an injured party is caught off guard, and they do talk to the insurance […]

Are liability waivers valid?

Have you ever had to sign a waiver of liability? Are they legal? Are they enforceable? If you are injured are you really prevented from suing for negligence? If you are killed, is your estate barred from filing a wrongful death action? The reason I bring this topic up today, is that I was forced […]

Driving without insurance

“There ought to be a law!” How many times have you heard that before? There should be a law that requires everyone driving a motor vehicle to maintain automobile liability insurance. What a novel and great idea! That way, a person injured in an accident or where the cars are damaged, there is insurance to […]

Disallowance of claim

You were injured in an accident by an employee of a municipality. You and your lawyer provided the proper 120 written notice of claim by personally serving the entity, and when you completed your treatment, your lawyer perfected the claim, by providing an additional claim with an itemization of all your damages. You were recently […]


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