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Nursing Home in GA being sued for a patient’s death caused by Scabies

  I read the other day a news clip about a horrific case of nursing home negligence/abuse out of Georgia. The case arises out of Lafayette, Georgia, where a nursing home resident, who died from a scabies infestation, is believed to have been eaten alive over the course of several months or years. According to […]

A woman freezes to death after leaving a nursing home

We are all aware of the dangers of bitter cold winter weather and in particular, the impact it may have on elderly individuals. In a tragic case out of Ohio, the other day a woman was outside a nursing home for nearly 8 hours, where she died in the cold. A nursing home resident suffering […]

How to find an appropriate Nursing Home

It has come time to consider putting a family member into a nursing home. They no longer can care for themselves at home and you have exhausted any other alternatives. While no one wants to have to enter a nursing home, at some point in our lives, we may be all facing that issue for […]

Nursing Home Negligence

In an interesting and tragic case out of Massachusetts, a nursing home resident was murdered by her roommate. Elizabeth Barrow who was 100 years old, was found dead in the nursing home, strangled and suffocated, with a plastic shopping bag over her head. The woman was murdered by her 97 year old roommate. Apparently, the […]


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