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Nursing Home in GA being sued for a patient’s death caused by Scabies

  I read the other day a news clip about a horrific case of nursing home negligence/abuse out of Georgia. The case arises out of Lafayette, Georgia, where a nursing home resident, who died from a scabies infestation, is believed to have been eaten alive over the course of several months or years. According to […]

Protecting seniors from abuse

Last week, important regulations were put into place to protect millions of senior citizens from abuse. Nursing homes will no longer be able to use a legal loophole that permits them to avoid court. New rules issued by the Department of Health and Human Services on Wednesday of last week, will now serve to protect […]

Workers at Nursing Homes have been posting abusive photos of patients on social media

In a shocking article in the Washington Post, it appears that some nursing home workers across the United States have resorted to posting humiliating and dehumanizing photographs of nursing home patients on social media. By doing so, they are violating the resident’s privacy, and perhaps even breaking the law. There have been 35 incidents involving […]

Protecting residents against falls in nursing homes.

I have been writing a lot of blogs lately, about nursing home abuse. Unfortunately, residents in nursing homes are prone to falling down. This is a frequent and common problem. Did you know that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 1,800 residents in nursing homes die annually from fall related injuries? […]

Can A Nursing Home Kick Out A Resident?

In the news this week, and of concern, is increasing abuse by nursing homes in kicking out residents. Nursing homes across the country have been increasingly oust residents, particularly those the nursing home claim are undesirable due to requiring more care, or in situations where families voice complaints all the time about their loved one’s […]

Nursing Home Abuse

In the news the other day, was a very distressing report of a nursing home resident who died after being left in the sun in Florida. In Pinellas Park, Florida, a nursing home is being investigated after a resident, confined to a wheelchair, died, after being left in the sun. The resident suffered second degree […]


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