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Protective headgear for motorcycle riders

  May is motorcycle awareness month. I thought we should explore the law pertaining to protective headgear when riding a motorcycle in Wisconsin. The governing statute is 347.485. Anyone holding an instructional permit or who is 18 years or less in age, can ride or operate a motorcycle (type I) on any highway in Wisconsin, […]

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. With the warmer weather now here, it’s time to give a friendly reminder to everyone out on the roadways to be alert to motorcycle riders. Motorcyclists also should drive safely and with caution. Both motorcycle riders and drivers need to be aware of their immediate surroundings. Always check your blind […]

41 traffic fatalities in Wisconsin during May 2017

Initial evidence from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation seems to suggest that there were forty-one traffic fatalities from crashes during  the month of May 2017. Likewise, there were a similar number of fatalities in the month of April 2017.  This compares to the worst month in 1973 when there were 113 deaths and the best […]

Motorcycle Awareness Month

In recognition of National Motorcycle Awareness Month, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and related agencies are placing a strong emphasis on reminding drivers to be alert for motorcycles on the roadways. As many of the signs on the freeways have emphasized, “look twice!” In the spirit of the month, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has […]

May Is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is motorcycle safety awareness month. Over half a million individuals in Wisconsin are licensed motorcycle drivers, or have their permits. As we get into warmer weather, more and more motorcyclists will be out on the road. As I am typing this blog from my office, I can hear the whir of motorcycle engines traveling […]


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