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Games insurnace companies play

  I have a list of “rants” today, of things that insurance companies do and pull, day in and day out, that irritate me. In no particular order, here are some of them: Stall cooperating in having the property damage portion of  a personal injury claim resolved. Sending a settlement check for $500 and a […]

Rants against insurance companies

More dirty insurance company tricks

Insurance companies are playing dirty and you better be to in order to protect your rights when involved in an accident case. What are some of the things that we’ve seen; sending a small settlement check and release out to the injured party to sign and settle within days of the accident; demanding that the […]

Insurance statements- The “72 hour rule.”

You were in a bad car accident and haven’t hired an attorney yet. The insurance adjuster calls you and catches you off guard. They ask if they can ask you a few questions and tape record you. Not knowing any better, you agree. Several days later the insurance adjuster calls you back and indicates based […]

Tricks of the trade

Automobile insurance carriers are getting tougher and playing lots of tricks on people to avoid having to pay them any money for their serious injuries received in a car accident. Here are a few of their recent “ploys.” 1. Demanding that the injured party provide a recorded statement to them about the circumstances of the […]

Insurance companies “tricks of the trade.”

I am seeing a number of new personal injury clients who inform me that prior to hiring a lawyer, clear out of the blue, the insurance company is sending them a settlement check and a release to sign. The amounts fall between $500 and $1,000. For the unwary, that seems like some quick and easy […]

Slip sliding away

Any Paul Simon fans out there? Today’s blog is named after one of his songs. It is winter in Wisconsin and with that it means icy roads, snow, slush, freezing cold, ice, black ice, and slippery walkways, driveways and roads. Many of us who have lived here all our lives are use to it. Many […]

What happens at closing?

You have been involved in a serious automobile accident. You treated for 9 months and finally have been discharged from the doctor. Your lawyer has assimilated all relevant documents to send to the insurance company, including all your medical records, bills, wage loss verification, and itemization of special damages. The insurance company has made an […]

The car is totaled out.

It sometimes happens when representing accident victims, that the damage to their car exceeds the value. This is what lawyers, claims adjusters and body repair workers refer to as the car being “totaled out.” Here is an example; You are in a bad car crash; Your car is a late model vehicle and was in […]

Factors in assessing an injury case

Clients sometimes ask what the value of their injury case may be and what factors go into determining the value. While there is no secret formula for how lawyers or insurance companies assess the value of a particular accident case, there are many factors that need to be considered by both sides. Here is a […]


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