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Passengers to sue Southwest Airlines?

Everyone by now has heard the horrific story last week of how a passenger died during a flight on Southwest airlines, when the engine blew apart, and caused serious damage to the aircraft while in flight. The woman was nearly sucked out of the window, and passengers helped keep her inside the plan. However the […]

Tragic bus accident in Tennessee

In just an awful news story out of Tennessee, a bus carrying 35 children crashed into a tree in Chattanooga, Tenn., resulting in multiple elementary school children getting injured and killed. Over two dozen children were injured. The driver of the school bus, Johnthony Walker, is being charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless […]

Tragic Accidents

I have written numerous recent blogs preaching about slowing down when driving, inattentive driving, distracted driving and operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs and alcohols. Just the other day, I wrote about bicycle safety. In a recent and tragic bike accident, a little girl lost her life. A 12 year old Pewaukee […]


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