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May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. With the warmer weather now here, it’s time to give a friendly reminder to everyone out on the roadways to be alert to motorcycle riders. Motorcyclists also should drive safely and with caution. Both motorcycle riders and drivers need to be aware of their immediate surroundings. Always check your blind […]

Distracted Truck Drivers

Last month was Distracted Driving awareness month. Truck driver distractions, in particular, can cause catastrophic accidents, and there may be any number of reasons why such accidents occur. One recent study determined that in the United States, approximately sixty percent of motorists, use their smart phone at least once a day while operating a vehicle. […]

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

The National Safety Council (NSC), has designated the month of April as “Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The NSA and insurance companies across the country have joined the national campaign to bring awareness that distracted driving accidents can be prevented by drivers modifying their habits and creating new safety laws for the protection of motorist using […]

To steer or not to steer, that is the question.

  Should you keep your hands on the wheel if your car has the technology to drive itself or are you obligated to keep your hands on the wheel, in case there is an emergency? For most of us driving, this really isn’t an issue at this point in time. However, as the technology advances, […]

“Mr. Driver; put down that phone!”

Remember President Reagan’s famous words in Berlin calling for the leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall,” to open up the barriers which divided East and West Berlin since 1961? Well, today’s blog title is modeled after those famous words, as California drivers have apparently been told as of January […]

Traffic accident injures a Sheboygan County Sheriff

Yesterday, early Friday morning, a Sheboygan County Sheriff barely escaped being killed when her squad car rolled over after she was rear ended on the freeway. The female deputy sheriff radioed dispatchers just shy of 2 AM, that she had just been rear ended on interstate 43 south of County Road PP in Sheboygan and […]

Put down your phone!

The other day I wrote a blog about the new law going into effect tomorrow in WI that bans use of cell phones while traveling through construction zones. The derivative of the law was really a push to pan use of cell phones altogether while driving an automobile. The compromise was to issue a ban […]

No phones in construction zones.

I wrote a blog earlier in the year about a new law going into effect in Wisconsin on October 1, 2016, that bans use of cell phones in construction zones. Today’s blog is a gentle reminder to all of my followers who read my daily blogs that starting October 1, 2016, you cannot use your […]

Accidents increase due to 70 mph

I have posted many blogs about driver safety, distracted driving, and speed. In a recent study, it appears the newly implemented 70 mph on Wisconsin’s roadways has increased the number of accidents, fatalities and personal injuries. Distracted and driving under the influence, along with speed, appear to be the most common form of accidents. It […]

Tire Safety

The other day while my car was in for service, the mechanic from the auto repair shop called me to tell me my tires were shot and all four needed to be replaced. I asked the obvious questions, are you sure, can they last one more season, do they all need to be replaced, how […]


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