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A woman paralyzed in a bad car crash

  The other day, a 71 year old woman was seriously injured in a car crash when another vehicle apparently ran a red light. The accident occurred at 76th and Beloit Road. The woman is paralyzed from the chest down and the artery through her spine is splitting. In addition, the woman suffered from a […]

What’s my case worth?

Many times clients ask at the early stage of their accident case, what is the value of their injury case? Same for individuals representing themselves and posting questions in some of the web law sites such as AVVO and Lawyer.com, among others.. The truth is that at the early stages of the case, it is […]

Another deadly car crash in Milwaukee:

According to Milwaukee Police, an early morning car accident on Milwaukee’s north side, has claimed two lives. The fatal crash occurred around 2:30am on Saturday March 31, 2018, near North Hopkins Street and West Ruby Avenue. Early reports indicate that a driver headed northbound on Hopkins lost control of his vehicle, resulting in a violent […]

Financial Investigation of the adverse driver

Many times in representing personal injury clients, we have cases where their damages are exceeded by the policy limits of the adverse driver. Here is an example; you are in a serious car crash and have $75,000 of medical bills and you learn at some point through your attorney, that the other driver’s insurance policy […]

Healing Plateau and permanent injuries

I talk to a fair number of injury clients every day who have trouble with the concept that further medical treatment isn’t helping them get better, following a serious car accident. Some patients treat as long as two to three years after the car crash, and never really get better. In some cases, they are […]

Switching doctors in the middle of an injury case

We frequently have injury clients for one reason or another, want to switch doctors. Presumably,  the reason is that they feel that their current doctor isn’t doing enough to treat their injuries and they are seeking a more aggressive approach. This is an issue that needs to be discussed both with your doctor and injury […]

Car Accident or Car Crash?

Did you know that there are over 37,000 fatalities every year from automobile crashes and ninety percent of those deaths are due to human error? That is why it is not proper to label them as “accidents,” What is the difference between a “car accident” and a “car crash?” “Accident” means, by definition, a sudden […]

I Was In An Accident. Should I Have My Car Repaired With My Own Insurance Or The Other Driver’s Insurance Company?

I find in my practice that when a person has been in a car accident, even when they have been injured, the first thing on their mind is how their car is going to be taken care of. They are concerned on how they are going to get to work, how they will get to […]


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