May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. With the warmer weather now here, it’s time to give a friendly reminder to everyone out on the roadways to be alert to motorcycle riders. Motorcyclists also should drive safely and with caution.

Both motorcycle riders and drivers need to be aware of their immediate surroundings. Always check your blind spots, mirrors and use proper turn signals when making a lane change or when passing another vehicle or motorcyclist.

I have written numerous times on distracted driving and it continues to be on the rise. Don’t text and drive, don’t talk on your cell phone while driving, don’t surf the net on your smart phone while driving, don’t eat and drive, and don’t drink and drive.

Just as motorists need to be on the lookout, so do motorcyclists. It is a good idea to take  a defensive driving course, to wear protective gear and keep your motorcycle in top mechanical shape. Be alert for weather conditions and road hazards. Don’t weave in and out of  traffic, a habit among motorcyclists that I find particularly dangerous and troublesome.

Keep in mind that motorcycle fatalities occurred twenty seven more frequently than fatalities in other vehicles, based on information obtained as of 2014. For more information, visit,

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