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Are we suit happy?

I field alot of questions day in and day out from Lawyers.com and AVVO, in addition to persons contacting us from the internet. People ask questions about whether or not they can sue for something that may have happened to them. Here are some examples; 1. The doctors in the emergency room didn’t believe I […]

Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturers Push for Limited Liability

  While California has demonstrated a friendly posture towards self-driving technology, the state’s DMV recently shot down a planned rule that would have allowed businesses to avoid legal liability for damages resulting from an autonomous vehicle crash, if the autonomous vehicle involved in the collision had not been properly maintained according to standards set forth […]

Automated License Plate Scanners

Local law enforcement agencies around the United States are beginning to utilize technology to crack down on uninsured motorists. Most recently, the state of Oklahoma passed legislation that allows law enforcement to use automated license plate readers to identify uninsured drivers. The scanners are set to be installed on highways around the state. After a […]

Driver Beware!

It’s hard to believe that the whole year has nearly gone by and we are on top of the holidays! Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Many have off today and are enjoying the long holiday weekend by visiting with family, friend, going to the movies, and of course shopping. In addition, many are partaking by enjoying all […]

Daylight Savings Time Responsible for Increase in Car Accidents?

According to new research coming out of the University of Colorado that studied the impact of daylight savings over the course of ten years, there may be as much as a 17% increase in traffic incident related deaths, the Monday after the spring time change. In addition, traffic related fatalities were also higher on average […]

Air Bag Failure

You are involved in a bad car crash and for whatever reasons, the air bags didn’t deploy. The question becomes, given the nature of the impact, should they have deployed? If so, and they failed, what is the reason for the failure? Further, if the air bags would have been deployed, would your injuries have […]

Lawyer advertising; Fact or Fiction?

Have you turned on your TV at home lately? Notice anything different?  I have; Every other commercial on television seems to be from a personal injury lawyer. Many of them boast how much money they have obtained for their clients. Some use testimonials from what appears to be former clients talking about how successful their […]

Self-Driving Vehicles: A new Legislative Landscape

The SELF DRIVE Act, which allows for autonomous vehicles on public roadways, was voted on and passed unanimously in the House, claiming a bipartisan victory this past Wednesday. SELF DRIVE will allow for private companies to test up to 100,000 autonomous vehicles on public roadways, paving a way for self-driving tech to prove its worth […]

Move Over Awareness Week

The second week in September is designated as “tow truck awareness week.” Did you know that every six days, a tow truck operator is killed while working? There is a “move over” law when you see an emergency vehicle off to the side of the road, such as a police car, fire engine,  or construction […]

Alcohol involved in a fatal boat crash in Wisconsin

I have preached many times through my blogs, of the danger of drinking and driving. The same is true for operating a personal water craft, boat, airplane, motorcycle, ATV, or snowmobile. Alcohol and speed  can kill. Over this past weekend, there was a fatal boat accident on Lake Nagawicka in Waukesha County. A 53 year […]


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