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To steer or not to steer, that is the question.

  Should you keep your hands on the wheel if your car has the technology to drive itself or are you obligated to keep your hands on the wheel, in case there is an emergency? For most of us driving, this really isn’t an issue at this point in time. However, as the technology advances, […]

Challenge before the WI supreme court on medical malpractice cases

You might remember from a case back in 2014, a Milwaukee County jury awarded a woman in a medical malpractice case the sum of $25.3 million dollars. Of that sum, $16.5 million was for non-economic damages. There is a $750,000 statutory cap (limitation) on non-economic damages, which is now up for challenge before the Wisconsin […]

What’s my case worth?

Many times clients ask at the early stage of their accident case, what is the value of their injury case? Same for individuals representing themselves and posting questions in some of the web law sites such as AVVO and Lawyer.com, among others.. The truth is that at the early stages of the case, it is […]

The accident was my fault; can I still make a case for injury?

We receive phone calls and other inquiries nearly daily, on individuals injured in car accidents, but inquire if they can still make a case, if the accident was their fault. Wisconsin has a comparative negligence statute, which compares the percentage of liability between the two drivers. Even if the accident was your fault, you can […]

Air bags fail causing deaths

Recently, air bags failed in cars manufactured by Hyundai and Kia, causing 4 deaths. The United States government’s road safety agency is investigating. In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety  Administration is also investigating problems that involve some 425,000 vehicles made by the two Korean vehicle companies. The agency is concerned whether other cars in […]

Supreme Court of WI rules in favor of injured party

  Our Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a decision today, April 5, 2018,  in favor of persons injured in car crashes, specifically where underinsured motorist coverage is involved (UIM).  I  think the case is easier to understand by walking through some of the basic facts first, and then discussing the ruling and the logic for the […]

Jaywalking Dangers

Under Wisconsin law, a pedestrian has a duty to exercise ordinary care. Wisconsin Jury instruction 1095, LOOKOUT: PEDESTRIAN, reads as follows: “A pedestrian, who enters and crosses a street or highway on a crosswalk, must use ordinary care to observe timely the presence, location, and movement of vehicles that may be approaching.” What happens when […]

Another deadly car crash in Milwaukee:

According to Milwaukee Police, an early morning car accident on Milwaukee’s north side, has claimed two lives. The fatal crash occurred around 2:30am on Saturday March 31, 2018, near North Hopkins Street and West Ruby Avenue. Early reports indicate that a driver headed northbound on Hopkins lost control of his vehicle, resulting in a violent […]

A woman freezes to death after leaving a nursing home

We are all aware of the dangers of bitter cold winter weather and in particular, the impact it may have on elderly individuals. In a tragic case out of Ohio, the other day a woman was outside a nursing home for nearly 8 hours, where she died in the cold. A nursing home resident suffering […]

Punitive Damages

  A client asked me the other day whether her injury case would allow an award of punitive damages if the case went to trial. It is an interesting and reasonable question and an area that I think many people not familiar with the law may be unfamiliar with. I thought it would be  a […]


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