ATV accidents

We have a cabin about 2 1/2 hours outside of Milwaukee. near the Nicolet National Forest. This time of year, it is not unusual to see ATV’s gassing up at the gas station, waiting on the side of the road to crossover,  parked at the local neighborhood watering hole, and of course, out on the trails. ATVs are hugely popular “up north” in Wisconsin, but can also be dangerous if not handled properly, where children are involved, or where someone is operating an ATV under the influence. When accidents happen, they can many times cause serious injuries, and even result in death.

There are a large number of accidents that occur in Wisconsin each year. the CPSC provides estimates that nearly 100,000 people are injured annually all over the United States in ATV related accident. out of the 100,000 injured, nearly are 1/3 are children. The most common type of injuries from an ATV include injuries to the arms, legs and neck. There can also be traumatic brain injuries from an ATV accident.

When riding an ATV keep a few things in mind;

  1. Always wear a helmet.
  2. Make sure your ATV is in proper mechnical working order.
  3. Make sure you wear appropriate protective gear, along with the helment and safety glasses.
  4. Never operate an ATV while under the influence.
  5. Never let a child operate an ATV without proper training and experience.
  6. Don’t do hills on an ATV.
  7. Don’t ride ATVs on roadways, highways or other public access roads that are ATV restricted.
  8. Make sure you read and understand all  DNR rules and guidelines for operating an ATV in Wisconsin.
  9. Never leave your key in an ATV. Remove it when not in use, so children, who may be curious, can’t start and operate it.
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