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Jury Awards A Man $870,000 for removing wrong testicle

In a recent case out of the state of Pennsylvania, a jury awarded a 54 year old man $620,000 in damages and $250,000 in punitive damages, after finding that the doctor involved, was “recklessly indifferent” in the removal of the wrong testicle during a surgical procedure. The patient, Steven Hanes, reportedly suffered from right sided […]

Buckle up and be safe

It is hard to believe but we are on top of the  Memorial Day weekend. Where did the year go so far? We really haven’t had that nice of a spring, but here we are, the first major holiday as we near towards the summer months. This means that there will be  an abundance of […]

Motorcycle Awareness Month

In recognition of National Motorcycle Awareness Month, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and related agencies are placing a strong emphasis on reminding drivers to be alert for motorcycles on the roadways. As many of the signs on the freeways have emphasized, “look twice!” In the spirit of the month, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has […]

Safer Cars, Safer Roads

I have written numerous blogs at our web site, dealing with the mad rush by automobile manufacturers to produce self driving cars. The technology being developed will take the human error and distracted driving away from the driver and in the long run, result in the minimization of automobile accidents, if not, completely make them […]


You were in a bad car accident; one day when you leave your home, you notice out of your rear view mirror, a black SUV following you. You don’t give it too much attention until you leave your destination, and notice they are following you. Paranoid? Maybe. You drive home, park your car for the […]

Lawyers Descend on St.Louis

There is a trial underway in St. Louis, MO involving Johnson & Johnson’s talc powder. It involves whether or not the talc-containing personal hygiene products cause ovarian cancer. Lawyers from over all over the United States have gathered in a Missouri state courtroom for opening statements as of last Tuesday. There are thousands of similar […]

Telling a client there is no case

Sometimes as lawyers, we are faced with the very difficult task of having to tell a client or prospective client that they have no case. It is a bit akin perhaps to an oncologist having to break the bad news to a particular patient, that they have cancer. No one likes having to share bad […]

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

I have written numerous blogs at our web site in the last year or so of the dangers of distracted driving. There was a recent tragic accident in Texas where 13 people lost their lives, all due to distracted or inattentive driving. Distracted driving remains a very serious issue and contributes significantly to traffic accidents […]

Settling the case on your own

I talked to a guy the other day who was handling his injury case on his own; he wanted to know what the value of his case might be; all the information he provided was that he was in a car accident, lost several months of work and had a pile of unpaid medical bills; […]

Texting while driving is deadly

I have written countless blogs at our web site preaching the dangers of texting while driving, distracted driving, talking on your cell phone while driving, among other dangerous habits of drivers. There are freeway signs up all over town that read “if you see orange cones, put your phone down.” You cannot be on your […]


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