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You were in a bad car accident; one day when you leave your home, you notice out of your rear view mirror, a black SUV following you. You don’t give it too much attention until you leave your destination, and notice they are following you. Paranoid? Maybe. You drive home, park your car for the […]

Lawyers Descend on St.Louis

There is a trial underway in St. Louis, MO involving Johnson & Johnson’s talc powder. It involves whether or not the talc-containing personal hygiene products cause ovarian cancer. Lawyers from over all over the United States have gathered in a Missouri state courtroom for opening statements as of last Tuesday. There are thousands of similar […]

Telling a client there is no case

Sometimes as lawyers, we are faced with the very difficult task of having to tell a client or prospective client that they have no case. It is a bit akin perhaps to an oncologist having to break the bad news to a particular patient, that they have cancer. No one likes having to share bad […]

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

I have written numerous blogs at our web site in the last year or so of the dangers of distracted driving. There was a recent tragic accident in Texas where 13 people lost their lives, all due to distracted or inattentive driving. Distracted driving remains a very serious issue and contributes significantly to traffic accidents […]

Settling the case on your own

I talked to a guy the other day who was handling his injury case on his own; he wanted to know what the value of his case might be; all the information he provided was that he was in a car accident, lost several months of work and had a pile of unpaid medical bills; […]

Texting while driving is deadly

I have written countless blogs at our web site preaching the dangers of texting while driving, distracted driving, talking on your cell phone while driving, among other dangerous habits of drivers. There are freeway signs up all over town that read “if you see orange cones, put your phone down.” You cannot be on your […]

More dirty insurance company tricks

Insurance companies are playing dirty and you better be to in order to protect your rights when involved in an accident case. What are some of the things that we’ve seen; sending a small settlement check and release out to the injured party to sign and settle within days of the accident; demanding that the […]

The end of driving?

I read an interesting article; the headline rang out, “The end of driving? Why children born today will never drive a car.” The landscape of roadways, freeways, traffic, cars, automobiles, buses, and the transportation industry are about to be forever changed. The auto industry has wrapped itself around self-driving cars. Audi recently announced that it […]

Are you entitled to a copy of your witness statement?

Notwithstanding all of the TV commercials where personal injury lawyers advise not to sign anything or talk to the insurance company without a lawyer, or our own advice to our injury clients, not to speak to the insurance company, many times, an injured party is caught off guard, and they do talk to the insurance […]

Insurance statements- The “72 hour rule.”

You were in a bad car accident and haven’t hired an attorney yet. The insurance adjuster calls you and catches you off guard. They ask if they can ask you a few questions and tape record you. Not knowing any better, you agree. Several days later the insurance adjuster calls you back and indicates based […]


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