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What Papers to save after the divorce?

Until we go paperless, the question is what papers to save after the divorce? Do you need to save a complete copy of your entire divorce file? If not, what papers should you on to? We typically do not advise our clients to hold on to the entire file. There really is no need to, […]

Year end Tax planning

  It is that time of year, that if you are in the middle of a divorce, to think about how you were file your taxes at the end of the year, or how your tax situation may look like next year, when you get a divorce. For this tax year, your tax status is […]

Grandma arrested for felony kidnap

Last week a West Allis woman was charged after disappearing with her granddaughter. The 43 year old woman is facing criminal charges after disappearing with the child and involving law enforcement. The woman was charged on December 1, 2017 with interfering with custody and second offense possession of marijuana. She was also charged with bail […]

Don’t swear at your children!

  In an interesting case, the Wisconsin Supreme Court held on Friday that a parent could be criminally convicted for swearing at her child. The court upheld a criminal conviction for the mother having sworn at her son. The court did not reach the issue of whether the mother’s speech was protected by the First […]

Tax Reclassification agreements

It is “that time of year,” where we turn our focus to some tax issues that affect individuals going through a divorce. If you are going through a divorce in 2017 and will be divorced in 2018 and live in Wisconsin, you will need to comply with Wisconsin’s marital property law requirement this year, as […]

Bankruptcy and Divorce

Many times when getting a divorce or separation, the parties may be having financial problems and there may be talk of the necessity of filing bankruptcy. Today’s blog will focus on certain issues that affect both divorce and bankruptcy. 1. If you file for bankruptcy in the middle of the divorce it will delay the divorce […]

Assets accrued during the divorce

Someone asked me the other day if you accrue assets while going through a divorce or the assets go up in value during the divorce process, do you get to keep it? Its’ an interesting theory but not consistent with the law. All assets, whether acquired before or during the marriage are Martin tal assets, […]

The Most Expensive State to Get a Divorce

Many prospective clients who contact us want to know, how much is the divorce going to cost? It is a difficult question to answer because there are many variables that go into what the final bill may look like; who the other attorney is for the adverse party is a factor; the length of the […]

Holiday Battlegrounds

It is hard to believe we are on top of the holiday season. Where did the year go? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a great traditional American holiday. For most, it means, having the day off from work, spending time with family  and having a wonderful Turkey dinner with all the trimmings. It also means watching the […]

The importance of life insurance in a divorce

Most individuals maintain some personal life insurance or employer/group provided insurance, to protect their spouse and children in the event of their premature death. Life insurance protects a person’s income in case of death. When someone dies, and if they are pre-retirement age, there will no longer be a stream of income from employment to […]


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