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The Milwaukee Justice Center

Last night, my band played an event for the Milwaukee Justice Center at Veteran’s Park, on Milwaukee’s Lake front. This was their 7th annual fun run/walk, to help raise money for the not for profit organization. Our band has played the event several times and it quite frankly, an honor and a privilege to be […]

What difference does it make if a woman is pregnant?

On the petition for a divorce, you are required to state whether the wife is pregnant or not. At the time of the final court hearing for the divorce, you are required to ask and the woman must testify under oath whether she is pregnant or not. What difference does it make if the woman […]

Equivalent Care

We sometimes hear parties or their attorneys argue about “equivalent care.” What is equivalent care and how does it affect a child support obligation?  We know that in Wisconsin, under DCF guidelines and the Wisconsin statute on child support, that there are percentage guidelines that cover the support of minor children; 17% for one child […]

The meaning of Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Today, is your special day where your children celebrate  you. Today, on Father’s Day, I celebrate my children. There is no need for them to send me a card or to come over to visit me, because without them, I wouldn’t be a father in the […]

Prohibited Acts During Pendency of Divorce

What can you do and what can’t you do in the middle of the divorce?  Here is what you can’t do; You cannot move out of state or more than 150 miles from the other parent during the pendency of the divorce. You can’t interfere with the personal liberty of the other spouse. You cannot […]

Moving out of state pre divorce

We have discussed numerous times in my daily blogs what the law is in Wisconsin with removal of minor children. Either during the pendency of the divorce or once you are divorced, the law prohibits the removal of the minor children from the state or moving them more than 150 miles from the other parent […]

Failure to cooperate; Failure to communicate.

I have been answering a lot of messages lately from people, complaining that either the other parent is not cooperating with them over matters pertaining to the minor children. They refuse to communicate, they refuse to cooperate. They won’t tell the other parent, what activities the children are enrolled in; they won’t tell the other […]

Gambling; recreational entertainment or marital waste?

Sometimes when a couple are getting a divorce, issues of marital waste comes up.  “Marital waste” can generally be defined as either spending of marital assets or incurring marital debt, that does not serve a family purpose.  It may serve an individual purpose, but not one that inures to the benefit of the family.  In […]

Free consultation

Years ago, I attended a seminar and the question was asked how many family lawyers in attendance charged for an initial consultation with a prospective divorce client. Nearly every hand went up in the air, except mine. It seems that most family lawyers charge for the initial consultation. There are several reasons why they do […]

“Nesting; not just for the birds.”

I read an interesting article in the NY Times the other day entitled “After divorce, Giving our Kids Custody of the  Home.”   It dealt with a couple who had been divorced for over three years, and had agreed as part of their divorce settlement,  that the children would remain in the home, and the […]


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